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Title: Greetings exalted ones
Post by: Data790 on 6 months ago
Hi Folks,

So I have a couple of questions regarding the Stardust V3 stream. Firstly, i accidently knocked off the onboard USB - but Jakesoft was very kind enough to suggest using the break out USB board (take this moment to apologise for using YouTube to reach out to him). So this I have done and tried to connect to STREAM. It doesn't find a COM port. I tried again using a USB2 on my older laptop - it can find the WT588D which is USB 2 specific. Failing this I tried to pull down the FS-SaberOS from Protonerd on github and see if I could use Arduino IDE to make a connection. This also failed to upload.

So I guess my main question is if anyone has seen this before and how did they resolve the issue? I have followed th GitHub manual by Protonerd in regards to wiring, IDE set up and loading the libraries. The board still works fine and it boots up when i connect the USB. But that is as far as I seem to have got.

On a side note, I recently got into making my own hilt designs using the 3D printer. If anyone is interested I am more than happy to share the designs for follks to tinker with - free of course.

Sorry for the long intro, and if this has already been answered then my sincere apologies - I had a look but limited on time due to work commitments (yes, weekends appear to be work days also for me).

Title: Re: Greetings exalted ones
Post by: JakeSoft on 6 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Post up your question in the Protowerkstatt section and we'll try to get you sorted.

Protowerkstatt (https://www.fx-sabers.com/forum/index.php?board=188.0)
Title: Re: Greetings exalted ones
Post by: Data790 on 6 months ago
Hi JakeSoft,

I didn't realize there was a specific post for this. Thank you for correcting me. I shall repost there.

Cheers again, squire.