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Title: Best Batteries for sabers
Post by: ShtokyD on September 27, 2019, 09:04:54 AM
Best Batteries for sabers

Ok, so I didn't find a similar topic on this forum regarding best recommended batteries for custom saber building to date, and I think it's a very important topic because a lot of people who build custom sabers still don't know which battery is better to use for their build and most of the time they buy the cheapest battery that doesn't perform well enough eventually. And since I've already done a research on this and based on my own "saber builder" 8 years experience, I decided to share this list of best batteries for sabers to date in different sizes here.

I chose these batteries among the others because of the following factors:
- true highest possible "capacity" (mAh) for the particular size (longer run time)
- true highest possible "max drain" (A) for the particular size (better performance and blade/LED brightness)
- manufacturer reputation (how fair are the real battery specs provided by the manufacturer)
- "Protected" batteries preferred (batteries that have a built-in protection PCM/PCB that protects the battery cell from overdischarge below 2.5 Volts and overcharge over 4.2 Volts)

I think I will also add URL links to listed batteries here...

Please feel free to comment your thoughts and share your findings on this topic, we will discuss them here in the comments and add your battery to the list if the battery is really good.

Title: Re: Best Batteries for sabers
Post by: EXAR KUN on September 27, 2019, 01:06:23 PM
Thank you this is great to provide this info