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Title: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: COUNT DOOKU on September 18, 2014, 08:13:10 PM


This Saber's design and inspiration is based heavily off of Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus’ Saber and backstory. I’ve always wanted to do a homage saber to a character I respect immensely from the Star Wars world, and Count Dooku is one of those characters. His tragic story is one worthy of remembrance, so I decided to dedicate the saber design to his style. The Shrouds and High shine reflects his saber itself, while the minimalist, yet flashy design is meant to embody how he conducted himself not only in battle, but also in strategizing and approach. I feel I did the character justice, while still retaining a unique and custom feel.

From a build standpoint, while I certainly could cram every bling, crystal chamber, bargraph, and feature known to the saber world into his hilt (plenty of room IMO), I decided to take a minimalist approach and focus on the details of design.  This includes a polished brass tube only- as the power cell for the hilt, with the Aux plug in the pommel. I wanted only one hole in the hilt, and that is for the recharge port. Which I successfully accomplished. Everything is a simple as possible, yet incredibly efficient. I could not be happier with the design and can say with humble confidence this is by far the best work I have ever done.

Main Tools Used

-Dremel, Drill Press, Files, & Sandpaper

Hilt Specs:
-Hand Cut and Sanded Shrouds, mimicking Dooku’s Grip.
-Inlaid and Hand sewn Genuine Cowhide Leather
-Highly Polished Hilt. Not quite Chrome finish, but almost.
-Black Chrome Powdercoating
-Hidden Micro activation buttons under leather grip

Gut Specs:
- Crystal Focus v. 6.1 w/ CEX.
- Custom RGRb Tri-Rebel
- 7.4V 14650 Li-ion Recharge setup
- 2W Rectangular Speaker
- Instant R.I.C.E. access in Power Cell assembly
- SD Access Via Removal of Blade Holder
- Custom Qui-gon Quotes for each font.

Total Build Time invested from Concept to First Activation: 68.75 Hours
"Tyranus" K3GR #2 Lightsaber Entry - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czoiQiKcgJY)

Title: Re: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: Wildcard on September 18, 2014, 08:49:36 PM
I really like the shroud and leather work design, and this looks like an extremely comfortable saber to weild; great job Count!
Title: Re: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: cannibal869 on September 18, 2014, 09:17:46 PM
I loved the symmetry and simple elegance of this hilt, and although the shroud work appears to be simple, executing it to the exacting degree that you did is not an easy task. I actually really liked this saber and give mad respect to you for the skill that I know was involved bringing it to life.
Title: Re: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: Sini Star on September 18, 2014, 09:58:45 PM
That is absolutely beautiful!  Well executed, I believe Count Dooku would be envious of this saber 8) 
Title: Re: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: EXAR KUN on September 19, 2014, 06:48:46 AM
Lovely hidden buttons (my favorite part), beautiful leather work and shroud work.

Cool video. And I like how this is based on Count Dooku. That is pretty cool. This, to me, looks more like his saber than his actual movie saber.
This one seems more real, more classy like a man of his stature would use.
Title: Re: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: LUMINARA UNDULI on September 19, 2014, 06:55:29 AM
Loved the concept and execution on this one! 8) 
Title: Re: K3GR 2: Tyrannus
Post by: Professor Huyang on September 19, 2014, 08:14:20 AM
Indeed this is your best work, my friend, which is saying something. I especially love the power cell. The entire design is subtle and refined.

I love this saber.