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Title: Luke ESB 2005 *Warehouse find* Fx Lightsaber (FISHER's Review)
Post by: fisher on August 07, 2013, 11:30:42 AM
I have hunted this lightsaber down for a very long time. At last I have it in my possession.

May I present to you the Luke Skywalker 'Empire Strikes Back' SW-205 2005 Summer release!

Cheeky ;)

A quick look at the box!

The hilt itself!

First ignition! :D

The beautiful blade!


My take on the replica:

Assuming this saber is difficult to find in the 2005 box, I will give it a 9/10!

6 AA's is a tall order for such a divine saber, however it works efficiently. The light intensity is 'spot on'. The sound is muffled however, this may be due to the large piece positioned on the pommel to incorporate the D-Ring! Well balanced in terms of power. You feel elegance as a result. 7/10!

Inevitably larger than the 1:1 Scale of this lightsaber, however the detailing is immense! The maroon style inserts in each adjustment trim sets the scene and seeing the glow of the saber via the bunny ears is a great feature! 8/10!

One word. Beautiful.
The colour produced is indescribable! It's more of a 'Sky Blue' touching 'Baby Blue' and matches that of the film representation. The blade is evenly lit with no visible dark patches! Superb! 10/10!

-Difficult to find summer release from 2005
-Doesn't come cheap
-Beautiful coloured blade & evenly lit
-Aesthetically pleasing

-Slightly fat ;)
-Blade length may be an inch or so off the others
-Very quiet (Quieter than the Mace AOTC)

My overall rating for this piece is 8/10!

I am very lucky to have found this summer release and will treat it well!


Thanks for reading!
Title: Re: Luke ESB 2005 *Warehouse find* Fx Lightsaber (FISHER's Review)
Post by: Onli-Won Kanomi on August 07, 2013, 01:16:18 PM
Thanks for this good review. I have one of these also and agree.
Title: Re: Luke ESB 2005 *Warehouse find* Fx Lightsaber (FISHER's Review)
Post by: DarkJediKnight on August 07, 2013, 01:32:16 PM
I have one of these as well and absolutely love it! I am actually the second owner of it but it looks fantastic and I keep it strictly as a display piece. No abuse whatsoever and the original owner did the same as well. I was really impressed with the blade lighting on this one as it was quite a bit brighter than what I originally thought it would be. The sound is a little quieter but it definitely doesn't bug me though. I actually just purchased a Yoda Replica Graflex V from another member here and was originally going to sell this one just to cover some funds from that purchase but I have to tell you............I really don't know if I can part with it. That's how much I like this saber in it's stock form. ESB was my favorite movie and this saber is "totally Luke" in it's details. So now I may end up having that Yoda Graflex with the CF4 in it along with this one. There is just something about this saber that really makes me want to hold on to it and I may just end up doing that. Way to nice to part with! Congrats on your purchase!! These are very hard to find anymore for a good price and in good condition. That is a gem of an MR and you have a great treasure there.  ;D
Title: Re: Luke ESB 2005 *Warehouse find* Fx Lightsaber (FISHER's Review)
Post by: sithslayer1 on August 18, 2013, 09:16:17 AM
Congrats on your find. I also own a MR Luke ESB and while it's no Graflex, I still like the detailing. The value will be affected, but I suggest that you get it converted. Adding a Much brighter Tri Cree Blue or Tri Rebel led with a white FoC, in hilt recharge,  add a PC 2.0 with Madcow's "Bespin" sound font and you will be blown away by the improvements to sound quality, blade brightness, etc.