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Title: SW Collectibles forum: PLEASE READ before you post!!!
Post by: Darth Torment on May 27, 2006, 01:05:38 PM
Hello fellow Fx-sabers members!
In an attempt to clean up and keep things more tidy in this section, a few 'sticky' topics have been added to make things easier for all of us who love to collect, and discuss all things collectible!!!!

There are sticky topics available to break up the different toy lines- here we can discuss and critique all things about the particular toy line in question- that way we have a place set up to chat about the toy line, and can keep it seperate from our personal COLLECTIONS that we may wish to post

If you just want to post, and show-off your great collections for all to see, then start a new topic for your collection and leave the sticky topics for DISCUSSION only- that way it makes it easier for people to navigate this section of the forum!!

I will add a few more sticky topics in time, but for the time being I have made a few topics for some of the most popular toy lines, so we can all chat to our hearts content