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Title: Luke ESB Review
Post by: Shadowlynx on May 02, 2006, 11:40:59 PM
Yes I came apon this lightsaber at a ebay auction since they are hard to find now and days. I really wish I had bought one when it first came out but didn't realize the FX lightsabers existed until last year when the Anakin ROTS and Darth Vader ESB came out. I was found of them both since they where my first two sabers. But then being a old school star wars fan I heard from this site of course and seeing the reviews of the Luke ESB. So anyways I waited about 2 months for it to come in the mail since I bought it as is from a ebayer and he was having issues at the time. Finally when it came in I was very much surprise on the difference from the Anakin ROTS and The Luke ESB.

First: Well with the Luke ESB I notice how the hilt is a bit bigger than the Anakin ROTS for one and seeing how it's aluminum compared to the chrome on the Anakin.

Second: I notice that the what you call bunny ears where different and had that more pointed look than the simple fork with the Anakin well at least I think.

Third: Popped in the 6AA's and seeing from the lighting the Luke ESb has more of a sky blue compared to the Anakin ROTS. But what mostly appealed to me was that you don't see that dark dim in the middle like the Anakin ROTS.

Fourth: Sound quality overall isn't that great and can be easily over run by any over FX saber. But still I don't really care since this saber came from the trilogy and looks to be precised from the movie.


The Bad's

One: The weight is a bit heavy and swinging it around can be a pain if your not careful and the rabbit ears can cut you which I learned the hard way.

Two: The sound is a bit weak and the hum if you leave the saber still you'll notice a repeat like a broken record and the same goes with my Mace Windu.

Overall: I love this saber and has been place number one in my favorites because of the fact that if any jedi fan/starwars fan who loves the old school knows that this saber is a must. Since it was about 130 bucks I can say that it was worth every dollar.


With Luxeon Conversion:

Within the past 3 months of owning the Luke ESB I decided I wanted to convert it. So I had to have someone do it for me since I couldn't dare myself to do it. The guy that converted it said it was really tough to do since converting the ESB is just like converting the Luke ROTJ the only difference is for the fact that the buttons are the hardest to take off he had to replace the button with a glarflex button. The Grill is another thing, but once you do it's all down hill from there the lay out of the inside is just like the Luke ROTJ no difference. I'll ask him in the future to make a step by step topic in the future. Anyways, over all the Luke ESB to be stronger for dueling since the blade is kinda of loose. He put some expo. glue stronger than what MR uses and now the saber feels stronger than my Anakin ROTS and the lighthing is another thing. All in all I believe for the Luke ESB to be more of a display than for dueling but if you like to duel with it knock yourself out. In General this saber is a must for anyone. I hope you enjoyed the review.  :)


Title: Re: Luke ESB Review
Post by: Darth Pantsless on May 03, 2006, 02:03:52 AM
That is bright and looks very cool.

It is what I remember seeing some twenty years ago when I first saw Luke in that wampa cave in the really bad pirate copy of ESB we had (for some reason Lucas hadn't released it)

Every true SW nerds dream
Title: Re: Luke ESB Review
Post by: DarthArn on May 06, 2006, 10:38:16 AM
I would rather have the Anakin ROTS.
Title: Re: Luke ESB Review
Post by: Dark Skywalker on May 06, 2006, 12:49:04 PM
Title: Re: Luke ESB Review
Post by: DarthArn on May 06, 2006, 03:39:35 PM
It's lighter, and the sounds are louder. I would actually have a colbalt blue blade though. I dont know why.