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Title: COMING SOON!: Oregon City Jedi Enclave FORUMS OPEN!!!!
Post by: Gallius Vain on August 10, 2009, 04:09:07 PM
this is a non profit organization for starwars enthusiasts in middle and high school to get together, built sabers, practice choreography and film an epic battle. founded by me, my friend ryan, thaxos (Web and forum designer) my teacher Mrs Winningstad and Mr Hellman (head of media department.) and some of my other friends. we will have members from 5 different highschools is my local area and anyone in the portland metro area or basically ANYWHERE if willing to fly and is 18 and under are permitted to join. once over 18 you are permitted to stay. ill work these small age details out later. we will be meeting weekly at our highschool.

Mr Hellman head of the media department will help film and direct a choereographed battle hopefully containing 30+ members. i will be in props department and help with the creations of each attending club members sabers.

the website and forum will be up very soon. the forum withing the week and site within the month....  i encourage and welcome absolutley ANYONE age regardless to come join the forums and have fun and be apart of this new aorganization.
all proceeds for the duel afterwards will be donated to Doernbechers and Oregon City High School in FULL.  i am looking for any stunt coordinators or people with good filming equipment in my area to come help out and put in there donated time.

so please STAY TUNED as the club opens in early september and i will post the forum site address ASAP. the forum will have details on the battle, saber building,  other topicsas well as member and non member registration for forum signature purposes. PLEASE be a member of this as i really want this to be a worthy starwars fanfilm organization. thanks you very much and i hope to see you soon

Sylus Seynar. Grand Master of the Oregon City Jedi Enclave
Title: Re: COMING SOON!: Oregon City Jedi Enclave FORUMS OPEN!!!!
Post by: Gallius Vain on August 11, 2009, 04:52:23 PM
well the forums are now open and steadly growing. im still adding alot of descriptions and details but heres the link


so please join!