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The Saber Universe in Now Within Your Grasp

The task is daunting, but I think our resident Saber Master is up to the task. Time to start your training in the way of the saber.

Here at FX-Sabers we personally have an appreciation for all different types of sabers. The purpose, in fact, of Fx-Sabers is to educate the potential saber customer as to the options and levels of various Saber types that exist, as well as keeping the community informed on the development of future products.

All that said, let's get to the details... shall we. Simply choose a category below to begin your training.
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Witness the Formation of the Alliance

With so much going on in the aftermarket it's not always easy to know where you'll get a good product and good service. That's why the Alliance was formed to provide you a list of reputable resources for all of your saber relates needs.

"Together we intend to continue up holding the integrity of the Saber Aftermarket as well as work co-operatively by understanding we are not each others competition, but each an extension of an entire body of commerce that each specializes in carrying their own unique product styles and services."

By creating only high quality parts and providing the required attention to customer service, the following recommended companies and individuals represent a world wide community that has no intention of over stepping it's bounds by infringing on existing licensing. But by modifying, customizing, repairing and or enhancing existing Licensed products we maintain a high level of quality control and give proper credit to (and assist in preserving the integrity of) both licensed products as well as authentic vintage and or prop replications.

Products from the following Companies have been tested by one or more of it's affiliates and meet our criteria for quality control.

All companies listed are in process of being confirmed and such notice will be given upon confirmations.

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