Author Topic: Parallel wired batteries with charge port and NBv4 question  (Read 216 times)

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 I happen to have a CF 8.0 and  NBv4.0
 After ordering and realizing the CF 8.0 doesn't have the ability to control digital addressed LEDs  I ordered the nano biscotti version four
 This will give something for my son and I  to work on together  when I'm home for my allotted 3 to 4 days a month   

 My question is since the LED strips have such a high power requirement  (   2X   LED strips back to back )  can I wire in  parallel  2 lithium ion  packs ?
 Normally I would just assume yes but putting this together with a charge port and both packs having protection circuits I'm not sure   
 I was guessing that I probably could but that I would have to charge them separately so I would leave just an extra JST connector for the second battery in place but unplug it during charging and switch it out or rotate it ( charge port with standard kill key in it when not in use )

 Disclaimer: please forgive any grammar or spelling errors as AutoCorrect likes to  massacre  my sentences
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