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You can try the official SD formatter. I have it linked in the FX-SaberOS wiki
An update: I went back to LSOS with another SD-card (that I have used before) and now I have sound. I still have not tried LSOS v1.4 with Single Button. Another option is to wire another button (which I actually can do!).

I joined this forum because I don't know where else to go for an informed word on this.

I'm a college student who was gifted a Count Dooku Force FX (Hasbro) several years ago for Christmas. I played with it once and didn't touch it. Now, I'm short on money and want to sell it and found that there are ones on ebay going for huge amounts, way more than what it was bought for.

How would I safely and fairly sell this collectible? I don't want to keep it on me, and I'm willing to lowball the price if it will make a collector out there happy.

It has the original box, the tape has been cut to be opened, the saber is pretty much untouched (the blade part, plus the battery, plus the screw on cap). The only thing missing is one of the clear plastic bits from the stand (which I might be able to find if I scrounge around in my room hard enough).
Questions/Comments / Re: LARP Safe foam blades?
« Last post by Iggy on Today at 06:24:04 AM »
Makoto made some videos with a foam over-piece that he just slid over the regular 1" blade. It made the lightsaber blade huge, but "safer" for hitting. Perhaps try finding some 1" ID white foam tubing. It is hard enough finding foam tubing for the inside of string blade lightsabers as is so good luck.
Misc Equipment / Re: SOLD - Mods Please Lock
« Last post by enaswede on Today at 04:45:08 AM »
SOLD - Mods Please Lock  :afro:
New Ideas and Technologies / Re: S.T.R.E.A.M.
« Last post by Sincenatic on Today at 03:49:01 AM »
I understand that “String-blade users” is a really small target group now, especially with Neopixels. The effort to make the app is probably more than what I (and a few more) need to make the tuning manually.   :laugh:
Thanks in advance. The problem in 1) is that it is permanently muted. I don’t know where the problem is; reading from SD card, playing sound... etc.
Thanks man! and double thanks for unlocking the mystery of the intense hum.

Well, it should be loud, it is a SONIC screwdriver, after all  :cool: But yeah, as it stands, it's far too loud. I can deafen Daleks from halfway across the galaxy with that 20mm speaker. 0.25-0.5W speakers will do just fine in the future.
Sound boards technical issues / questions / problems / Re: required resistor ws2813
« Last post by erv on August 15, 2017, 11:12:47 PM »
The purpose of the resistor is not to limit the current even though based on Ohm's law you will have a current limit action.
But a side of this the current is naturally limited on my board data pin anyhow.
Questions/Comments / LARP Safe foam blades?
« Last post by Choos on August 15, 2017, 08:07:37 PM »
Hi all,

Does anyone know where to obtain LARP safe foam lightsaber blades suitable for LED driver sabers that accept standard 1" blades?

I see a LARP sword making company (Calimacil) are still working on theirs, were very successful in their Kickstarter and when launched  I am positive will clean up.

Only trick is I have no idea what dimension Calimacil blades are likely to be and would actually like to use my saber in a LARP without the risk of injuring someone with the polycarbonate blade.

Half way through writing this post I thought I would give another shot and googling the answer and did see the below.

How to make a glowing larp lightsaber [v1.1] - Foamsmithing

I suppose that guide could be helpful as a last resort but wonder for the thickness would it be better to have an offcut 1" thin walled blade as the converter/end for the saber with a 7/8" clear blade wrapped in foam?