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Fan made Props (non Lightsaber) / Re: More custom sonics by e57
« Last post by eastern57 on Today at 03:37:47 PM »
#wholebuffalo  :cheesy: :cheesy:
Forum Gallery / Re: Saber III: Eastern57-Inspired Katarn
« Last post by eastern57 on Today at 03:36:56 PM »
Lol!  I've put "Warning: Boring" on videos before, but that's pretty much just telling people "Don't watch". :cheesy: :cheesy:
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Misc Equipment / Re: Jango Fett Kamino AOTC/Boba ROTJ Jetpack
« Last post by Darth Brooks on Today at 03:03:11 PM »
$275 FREE Shipping!

Excellent deal
New Ideas and Technologies / Re: SmoothSwing v2 demonstration
« Last post by profezzorn on Today at 01:52:45 PM »
Maybe if you split the hum into two components and pitch-shift them individually.
Having similar sounds at nearby frequencies lead to some interesting effects.
New Ideas and Technologies / Re: SmoothSwing v2 demonstration
« Last post by Obi_1 on Today at 01:15:38 PM »
I've experimented a little with pitch shift, but I never managed to make it sound good. (Instead it sounded more like revving an engine...)
I suspect that blending multiple sounds with different pitch is going to sound better, because I think that's how the original sounds were made.

Mine too, at least if I base the pitch offset purely on acceleration values. Should become better with velocity based shifts. I also suspect that certain hum sounds lend themselves to pitch shift while others do not. For instance I have a sound font which has hum mixed from fire burning and a machine hum. The hum nicely shift its pitch but (do not ask me how) the burning sound refuses to follow suit. So I think it's about finding the right sound font...
Dropped price to $100 shipped for both  :afro:
This is how it looks like.

The LED-string is loose inside the polycarbonate tube so I first insert the 8 pin plug. After that I just press the tube until it reaches the bottom of the emitter. The copper end cap fits inside the polycarbonate tube and the inner diffuser tube. It actually works very well despite that the copper end cap isnít attached to the emitter. Since it is loose it moves into position by itself when I finally insert the tube.
Vader's Vault / Re: Vader's Vault MPP
« Last post by LUMINARA UNDULI on Today at 12:31:28 PM »
It is.  Some are less "clicky" than others.  If it bothers you, it is no problem to send it back and we can "loosen it up". 
Bump with updated pictures