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Also the TRRS idea is pretty brilliant.
Out of curiosity - how difficult would it be to change the Stardust/DIYino USB port to a USB-C? Would that require a new FTDI chip? In terms of general robustness, I've found Type-C connectors to be vastly superior to both old Micro and Mini ports - but the added complexity of USB-C might make this impractical.
I bought two 1m strips but you're correct, there's a solder joint at 50cm.

The 2m strips look like they'd be a pretty good bargain though, based on the price there.

How long did it take for them to arrive?
Lightsabers / Re: Price Drop For Sale - OR Qui Gon PC 3.0
« Last post by RyDiddy on Today at 01:41:09 AM »
Bump with price drop
Need both a vintage graflex red button and a correct Kobold flash clip for my ESB build. Don’t want to spend a exorbitant amount and willing to trade my glass eye for the button. PM me if have either 
Wanted / Parks Saber converted by Calvery Custom Sabers
« Last post by rabbitdragon on January 19, 2018, 07:53:09 PM »
Trying to track down the owner of this saber.

Custom Parks Lightsaber Conversion with Petit Crouton? - YouTube

Custom Parks Lightsaber Conversion with Petit Crouton™ by Calvery Custom Sabers
New Ideas and Technologies / Re: mounting micro USB port to chassis (Stardust)
« Last post by Yoda on January 19, 2018, 06:46:09 PM »

More importantly I'm now debating the option to include a mini USB breakout, which is mechanically more robust than a micro USB, which would also solve some of your concerns.

That sound like the best Idea  :cool:
New Ideas and Technologies / Re: Announcing the Teensy Saber open source sound board
« Last post by Jager07 on January 19, 2018, 04:07:04 PM »
thanks for this, I will give a few options a try. Serial2 is optioned on pins 31 and 26, I got a typo above... Anyway, will be easier to move Neopixels to pins 5,21 I guess and leave BLE as serial3.

Once the BLE modules arrive I will give it a try.

Many thanks.
Lightsabers / Re: FS/FT: Starwalker (Sold Pending Final Payment)
« Last post by Darth Smorgis on January 19, 2018, 03:25:07 PM »
Sold Pending Final Payment
BLE Serial Port question, is it possible and what code changes to I add to move the Serial3 port that is used for BLE to Serial2 and have them on pins 26 (RX2) and pin 21 (TX2)? is this possible?

Issue for me is added BLE I have to give up pins that I use for neo pixel strings 2&3...

It's possible.
I think those pins are actually the alternate RX/TX pins for Serial1, so you'll need to replace "Serial3" with Serial1, and in Serial3Adapter::begin, you'll have to add calls to Serial1.setRX and Serial1.setTX().

Also, when you do this you'll loose power channel 3 and 6, so you have to make sure not to use those.
Note that WS2811Blade() uses bladePowerPin3 by default, but you can tell it not to use it manually.
Two LED channels is enough to drive a neopixel blade, so that part should be fine.

Note that WS2811 data can also be sent to pin 5/21, which might be simpler.
Also, pin 2 can be used for WS2811 data, just don't connected it to the teensysaber board.
(The current software does not use the interrupt from the motion chip, so there should be no drawbacks.)

Also, you can probably save one pin by hooking up the quillions in parallel, controlling them seprately is seldom useful.