Author Topic: Custom pcbs for saber sound boards peripherals and other DIY projects  (Read 2418 times)

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Custom pcbs for saber sound boards peripherals and other DIY projects

Here I will post and update all custom pcb devices I make:

- NPXL - Neopixel Blade spring-loaded High Power Connector with on-board leds
- 6-pole (contacts) spring-loaded Connector for Tri-Cree LED modules (for quick and easy chassis/crystal chamber reveals)
- SPKR - Speaker spring-loaded connector
- RX/TX signals LED Indicator (leds blink when any data is sent or received by RX and TX pads on Plecter sound boards with R.I.C.E.)
- 10 bar graph LED display pcb for SMD 1206 leds
- PIU - Power Indication Unit (the smallest power level indicator on the market for 3.7V and 7.4V batteries)

- NPXL -

Link to the original post: Neopixel strip/Classic LED string blade Connectors and Holders solutions

Specifications and max ratings:
- High Current support for minimal current resistence hence brightest Neopixel Blade performance
- super small size and low profile design
- 5 on-board Neopixel RGB leds with it's own Data line for Blade Plug backlight or different programmed animations/patterns (leds can be custom desoldered if needed)

- 6-pole Tri-Cree LED module Connector -

Specifications and max ratings:

- SPKR -

Specifications and max ratings:

- RX/TX signals LED Indicator -

Specifications and max ratings:
- one board for each data signal

- 10 bar graph LED display pcb -

Specifications and max ratings:
- any color 1206 SMD leds
- individual Pos and Neg terminals for each led

- PIU v1 -

Specifications and max ratings:
- small size
- additional 10-to-5 bars driver for a special dual colour 5 bar graph led display
- 3.7V (default) or 7.4V (bridge small jumper pads) battery type selection
- remote indication leds

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