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Blade test
« on: October 27, 2017, 08:41:32 AM »
Sorry for the lack of energy, everyone is sick here but I still wanted to share that experiment with you all :azn:

This is as bright as I can safely go with a tri Cree  :lamp:

Setup is as following and yes is a realy tight instal! :huh:

- Tri Cree bbw copper star
- 5 degrees tri lenses
- JQsabers Daren Ratcliffe-Speakman huge and awesome Plo hilt copper heatsink
- Modded Plecter Labs Nbv4
- Orbtronic 26650 li-ion cell high discharge 5200mah 15A Pcp
- Custom machined Delrin chassis parts
- White power on indicator off in deep sleep
- Protective sleeve since the cell is so big
- Tactile switch
- Magnetic switch knurled button
- Elegant Weapons speaker
- 2.1mm switchcraft recharge port
- Transwhite blade
- Drilled mirror tip
- Film wrap