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Plecter Labs Trademarked Terms
« on: November 02, 2011, 02:04:47 PM »
With the hobby and community expanding as fast as it has over the last few years, it is understandable then that it would spawn a bustling industry.

With this industry, comes the need to protect IP and differentiate product lines through the use of trademarked terms (™).

Here is a current list of trademarked terms used by Plecter Labs for features pioneered and featured on its products.

- Blaster Move ™
- Wake on Move™
- Power on Move™
- Power on Force™
- FoC™ /  Flash On Clash™
- Vocal Menu™
- Mute on the go™
- Anti Power On/Off Protection - APOP™
- R.I.C.E. - Real time Internal Configuration Editor™
- Crystal Pulse™
- Crystal Focus™
- Petit Crouton™
- Power On Angular Selection™
- SD config™
- Force Clash™
- Force Swing™
- Buttered Toast™
- S.S.B.T.™
- Secret Society of the Buttered Toast™
- Power Extender™
- Power Xtender™
- Saber Audio Player™ (SAP™) aka iSaber.
- AccuBolt™

The use of Plecter Labs trademarked terms is prohibited for use in advertisement or sales of a product not made by Plecter Labs or for a product not containing a Plecter Labs electronic device.
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