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My new Mace a mini-review
« on: July 31, 2007, 09:54:03 PM »
 Hi all,

 As MR winds down to its parting of the ways with the Star Wars Universe- I decided to stop dithering and complete (nearly) my collection with a Mace. I've avoided it because of reports of its dimness and because I thought it was too gaudy. I'm pleased to say that now that it's in hand- it's a work of art!

  Greedo's review really says it all-but I have a few comments. 
The blade- looks more lavender than purple to my eyes. This one is no more uneven than any of the other MR's I have-some places you can see the dark between LED's. I'll give this a 7/10 simply because it's not red, blue or green and Purple is my favorite color when playing Knights of the Old Republic. Less than 10 because it's not bright.

  Sound- standard Jedi.
  Weight. WOW it's heavy! Heavier than my Obi-wan ROTS MR. I cannot compare it to my Anakin ROTS because I've converted that to Luxeon. I can see converting this to white Lux V and using a light purple filter some day.
    For $89.00 It's a good deal!  I still await the fabled Luke ANH 2007!