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Saber Concepts Services and Build Log
« on: August 14, 2010, 12:50:17 PM »
In the interest of uniformity and full pricing disclosure, I have compiled a basic services and pricelist.  If you do not see what you want, PM me or check with one of the other smiths.  We are not in competition and we all talk (nearly every day), so don't try to play us!  These services lists have been compiled in an effort to meet the onerous demand for all of our services and will, hopefully, allow us to serve you better.

***Special thanks to Jango Fett for the basic structure of this document***

Saber Concepts Services Pricelist

Revised 08/14/2010

If my PM box is full, you may email me at:

Pricing DOES NOT include return (to you) shipping fees which will be added to ALL orders.

A 50% Deposit is required prior to the start of ALL projects.

Payment policy

Money orders and paypal are preferred methods of payment.
•   Money orders must clear the banking system and authenticity checks before your item is shipped
•   Paypal
   1.   Personal payment type, payment owed. no fees or buyer protection from paypal.
   2.   Purchase payment type. You will have buyer protection, but a 4% surcharge will be added to your total.

•   Domestic:
   Your items will be shipped by USPS
   Delivery Confirmation or a tracking number will be sent automatically from the USPS
   If you want insurance on any order you must request it.
•   International:
   Expedited mail service via USPS
   Don't ask me to lie on customs forms.
   I will declare it as a gift or product sample. For all I know, it is a gift for a relative.
   I will not declare it lower than it's value.  
   Insurance will be added in as well.

Service Fees

Be advised the prices listed do not include parts cost. Additional parts required for your build will be passed on to you.  I charge my cost for all parts used.

Labor Fees included in price unless otherwise specified and all prices are subject to change.

Install in hilt Rechargeable battery system:
•   NIMH - $45
•   Li-ion - $55
•   Charger with adapter - $32
•   Prices can change based on different batteries. I will most likely need to add a hole to your hilt.

Install MR/Hasbro FX Sound in a saber that is capable of holding one:
•   Customer supplied board - $55-75
•   Saber Concepts Supplied board - $145 (price includes finder's fee plus labor)
•   Premium speaker add $10
•   Be advised these prices do not include misc* parts cost.

Install Ultrasound 1.x or 2.x:
•   Customer Supplied boards - $82 (Meaning YOU buy the board, then PAY me to install it).  This price is for a straight swap of boards only. Should you want your old MR sound board returned to you there is a surcharge of $35.00*
•   Saber Concepts supplied the board (subject to availability) $207.00.
•   Be advised these prices do not include misc* parts cost.

Install Crystal Focus: (***Customer supplied boards ONLY***)
•   Basic Install and setup (Includes basic sound fonts, and basic calibration) - $155
•   CoF adds $45 to the basic cost.  For Custom Installs and advanced setups - **CONTACT FOR ESTIMATE**
•   Be advised these prices do not include misc. parts cost.

MR saber LED conversion(Basic MR/Hfx conversion) These prices are for owner supplied sabers and do not include any "extra" features!:
•   Basic Conversion:  $99 (all parts included) + shipping.  Metal BH conversion $125 (all parts included) + shipping.  MR Luke ESB $135 + shipping
•   LED Swap for a new color or different color in an already converted saber:  $25 plus cost of LED + shipping.

Install Accent LED in saber:
   Basic 5mm LED $10 each plus LED cost
   LED bargraph: PM me for quote.

Install Crystal Pommel/chamber in Saber (that is capable of holding one):
   Crystal Pommel:  $35 plus parts
   Crystal Chamber: $55-$95 plus parts

Install Reverse Sound system: (not available for all sabers)
   $40-$55 plus parts

***Parks/Saberkit/Sith Planet Conversion pricelist:***
        Contact me for Quote

Weathering a saber

Powder Coating
         Powder Coating is limited to colors on I have on hand (if I have to order it, you pay a $12 additional fee).  Translucent colors are $18 per piece.  Black or opaque colors are $12.50 per piece.  There is a 2 piece per color minimum.  I ask that people finish sand their parts prior to sending them to me and polish any parts to be translucently PC'd. Quality is guaranteed, but if you have never seen translucent PC first hand, it could disappoint you (it looks better in pictures than in real life).  If I have to do more than basic prep on your parts, you will be charged DOUBLE.

Miscellaneous (“misc.”) parts:
•   This list can include TCSS Premium speakers, switches, wire, battery holders, etc. (Basically anything I need to purchase to build your saber.)

Custom build Category:
    If it is not a BASIC swap or install and is not listed here, it falls into the CUSTOM category.  Please contact me via PM or email for a Quote. Your costs will go up.

I do machine my own parts and can make a large variety of custom and unique parts so if you have something special in mind for your saber, based on my previous work or a custom design of your own, PM me to discuss it.

Payment plans (for completed builds only).

25% initial deposit.

1 month max time. (+/- 1 to 2 days is okay) Effective day of deposit received.

On day 35 a 25.00 fee will be added.
(Additional payment plans may be considered but will follow the guidelines above)

Payments will be considered non refundable deposits, unless YOU find another buyer that will pay in full.

Paypal payments + 4% only. No Exceptions.

Saber will not ship until full payment is made.

*Accidents happen during removal and installation. This is a risk that you, the client take when you contract me.
***I am not responsible for Soundboard failures, blown speakers, or over driven LEDS.***
Build Changes:

Additional Charges:
Some Sabersmiths apply these charges as they go, or they just let it slide. I, like Jango have tried the latter and the former. Neither result was satisfactory.
NOW I (also) am telling you upfront this is how it is.

Late Change Fee Structure:
If a deposit has been paid and the parts are ordered, and changes by the client after that will involve a fee, which is: Parts cost/parts return cost + $20.00-$25.00.  Also any modifications or additional machining will be $20 plus the cost of additional labor and materials involved.  Changes must be fully understood and approved by ALL parties involved.  

Rush Order Fee:
Rush Order $10.00 base+ $10.00 for each saber ahead of yours
For example: Your saber has 7 other builds ahead of it. You need it NOW!  An $80.00 fee will be imposed.
No one likes a line jumper.

Nuisance Fee Structure:
Once your build is started I will answer status requests once a week. Three (3) status requests or more in any 2 week period will have a $20.00 fee added, per request. If you want it rushed see above.

If any of these fees is applied/billed to you, they must be paid before your saber is shipped.

Limited Warranty:
Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship for the Product for a period of 90 days from the original date of Receipt from Saber Concepts.

***I offer a 90 day warranty repair on my work from the day you receive it. ANYTHING after that is subject to a repair fee***

I want you to be happy with your saber.  Please contact me with ANY issues before the end of the 90 day period, I will help you.

This limited Warranty does not cover any damage due to (1) acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, improper handling, commercial use or modifications of this Product, or normal wear and tear; (2) improper operation or maintenance of this Product; or (3) attempted repair by any party other than Saber Concepts or an ISG Member.* This Limited Warranty does not apply where it is determined by Saber Concepts or an ISG Member that there is no fault with the Product itself. Repairs not covered by the Limited Warranty may, at Saber Concepts or an ISG Member’s discretion, be carried out at the owner's expense.

And - You, the customer, are responsible for the cost of returning the Product to and return shipping from Saber Concepts or an ISG Member.

Electronics, such as soundboards, batteries and LEDs are not warranted by me, as I did not make them.

Crystal Focus/Ultrasound Repairs must be performed by their respective manufacturers or authorized repair contractors. You will be responsible for any fees thus incurred including shipping.

*If you attempt to repair it yourself, the warranty is void. I will repair it, but it will be at your expense.

Warranty is non transferable.

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Current Projects
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2010, 05:21:49 AM »
Here is a list of current projects I am working on.  I am not going to list any previous projects that have already been completed.  It would take way too much time.

1.  Neolathis for Mihunai  - shipped 09/20/2010
       A very complex saber with crystal chamber.  -  Empty Hilt only

2.  Blade holder and chassis parts for Infernus for Mihunai shipped 09/20/2010
3.  Custom machined metal Vader shroud for Mihunai shipped 09/20/2010i

4.  Modified TCSS Vader Conversion kit for Mihunai  - shipped 09/20/2010
        turned down and gloss black powder coated areas that would be exposed when conversion kit is installed in the Vader ANH hilt

5.  Clone Wars Dark Light lightsaber for Daniel Ben   Shipped on 08/23/2010
        Hilt with textured flat black PC, FX sound board, white P4 and a black polyC blade

6.  Guld Spira  for Daniel Ben Shipped on 08/23/2010
        Custom hilt with blue Cree LED, 2010 econo board and blue AV switch

7.  3 Custom Blade Plugs for Daniel Ben   Shipped on 08/23/2010
        2 white and 1 green

8.   Personal saber for me - this saber will have a very unique grip and will also have a crystal chamber and a chassis  85% done

9.   Custom Saber for Jarren Landcaster  Viridis Patronus  SOLD

10.  Ahsoka Variant stunt saber with white P4 LED, guarded blue switch and a real copper strike plate.    SOLD and shipped

11.  Zombie Yoda - a Yoda FX hilt with heavy weathering and red LED with econo board. Sold on Trade Federation

12. Conversion for MR Obi Wan Saber.   Done and shipped 09/20/2010

13.  Machined Aluminum Vader Shroud.   shipped

14.  Imperious - Custom Saber     SOLD and Shipped

15.  Custom parts for Matt Kelley  shipped

16.  Modify Blade Holder for Louis Boone Done - shipped

17.  Custom Saber for Brian Maiwela  65% done

18.  Viridis Patronus   shipped

19.  Double Tonfa for Mark Seichi Toguchi   shipped

20.  2 StarKiller II empty hilts On hold

I am working on 4 custom sabers with 2010 Econo boards at the moment that will soon be done and listed on the Trade Federation

I am also working on Blade Holder,pommel, choke, main hilt Blanks, heatsinks, modified Vader shrouds and several other saber parts

I have quite a bit of work going on that I haven't had a chance to list here yet but will try to get it updated soon.  I am very close to being booked for Christmas but I still have a time for a couple more custom sabers.

Saber Runs

Darth Nihilus V3.2  -  Run of 4  Estimated Time of Completion mid - end of Novenber 2010  100% done with all the machine work and PC

1.  Spencer Tucker - Nihilus saber with FX board     shipped
2.  Jarrad Booth  -    Nihilus saber with FX board     shipped
3.  SOLD              -    Nihilus  saber with PC              shipped
4.  Reserved        -    Nihilus saber with PC???          85% complete

Qui Gon v1  -  Run of 2  Estimated Time of Completion  1 is 100% complete and the other is 90% complete  (will probably outsource the grip section to my newly found local CNC shop)

Qui Gon v2  (More details and an official thread will be posted after July 18th)

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Re: Saber Concepts Services and Build Log
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2013, 11:42:08 AM »
Rhyen please respond to my emails.

If anyone has any alternate ways of communication than through his two emails then please PM me, we've got things to clear up.
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Re: Saber Concepts Services and Build Log
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2013, 02:11:26 PM »
Rafalema, Rhyen has been not been on since 03/03/2013 due to health concerns. The FX Mods are aware.