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AUCTION - GCS Jaina SOTJ #11 weathered
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:26:58 AM »

Jaina SOTJ #11 Auction

*Auction for #12 (un-weathered) will start Wed night

This Jaina saber is identical to the recent limited run of 10…

GCS Jaina SOTJ Limited Run

  • Petit Crouton 3 sound card (with CEx). Three sound fonts with blade colours completely customizable through the R.I.C.E. interface.
  • Tri-Cree R/G/Rb
  • Weathered saber will be powdercoated with a matte clear coat to keep the weathering exactly the same for years
  • 2.1mm Recharge port, slightly shifted location, with a knurled aluminum kill key
  • No crystal chassis, instead these sabers have access to the RICE port and SD card by removing the pommel
  • Suitable for duelling
  • Includes R.I.C.E. cable
  • Includes Battery Charger
  • Includes numbered stand
  • NO BLADE - unless arranged with me after auction
  • Shipping charges will apply (and tax to those in Canada)

Video From recent Run Jaina SOTJ operation - YouTube

Available options include: (arrange with me after winning auction - before payment)
•   Blade: $15 - may greatly increase the shipping cost.
•   Hard Case: $50 – Increases shipping cost (blade shipped seperately)

Auction details;
•   This auction starts now and runs until 8:00 PM MDT on Wednesday June 25th, 2014 (Ending after last bid - Wat rules below).
       o   For easy reference – the time I post this thread is 10:26 AM MDT – look at the top of this post and see what time it says this thread was posted in your window– then calculate how many hours +/- you are from MDT.
•   The auction is for the saber, stand, charger only (as seen in pics), shipping, blade, and hard case all cost extra.
•   Start price $990, Bid increments of $10 please
•   Winning bidder will contact me for a shipping quote and PayPal invoice. Payment is expected in full via PayPal within 2 business days of auction closing.
•   Wat Rules (see below)
•   International bidders welcome.

Feel free to post any questions about the saber or auction

Wat Rules;

With the problems that arose in the auction for the second saber last night, I am amending the auction rules regarding ending time for this final auction.

I honestly had not considered the problems that could arise when a person tries to make a last minute bid and gets the '...while you were posting, someone else posted...' message that would delay their bid.  So, to try and make it a little more fair, here is what I am going to do.

The auction will now end at 8:00 PM MST on Wed the 21st (that is tomorrow night instead of tonight).  This will give people a chance to read these new rules and make sure everyone is on the same page.  I do not feel it would be right to change the rules with just a little over 12 hours left on the auction.  So I am extending the ending time by 24 hours.

At 8:00 PM MST on Wed the 21st, bidding will conclude.  But I will allow 'final' bids after that time as long as they fall within a short enough interval between bids.  Bidding will end once a five minute interval has passed between any two bids after the 8:00 PM end time.

For example, member X posts his bid of 1750 at 7:59:53.  Member Z posts his bid of 1825 at 7:59:55 but gets the recent post message and by the time he resubmits his bid, the time shows 8:00:12.  I would still accept the late bid. 

I will not say that once you place a bid after the 8:00 PM MST deadline, you are forbidden to post another bid.  The reason being, I think it might be abused and someone may wait until a member posts his 'final' bid after the 8:00 deadline and then decides to outbid him by a dollar.  I will let bidding continue as long need be after the 8:00 PM MST deadline so long as the bids keep coming in succession.  Once a 5 minute interval has passed (this allows everyone to refresh the page, post a bid, repost if neccessary and see their post) between two bids, the bidding will end.

Following on with the previous example.  Member Z posted his 1825 bid at 8:00:12.  Member Q also had a problem posting his bid at 7:59:58 and his bid of 1800 was posted at 8:00:16.  Member Q sees his bid posted after 8:00 and it is not the winning bid.  He then posts a new bid of 1850 at 8:00:45.  He is now the leading bid even though he posted after 8:00 PM.  This may continue for several minutes with various members posting, reposting, and refreshing.  Member A posts his bid of 1945 at 8:07:36 and he is now the high bidder.  All other bidders have decided they have reached their limit.  Now, if one of two things happens, the auction ends.  If more than 5 minutes passes after member A's bid of 1945 and no one else makes a bid, the auction ends and member A is the winner.  Or if member X decides he can swing a little more and posts a bid of 1950 at 8:12:52 it will have been more than 5 minutes and his bid will not count.

I am trying to be as fair as possible. I realize this forum is not Ebay, but I want to give customers as much of a chance as possible. 
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Re: AUCTION - GCS Jaina SOTJ #11 weathered
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2014, 04:56:49 AM »
I will bid $990. 8)

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Re: AUCTION - GCS Jaina SOTJ #11 weathered
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2014, 05:50:31 PM »
I bid $1050

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Re: AUCTION - GCS Jaina SOTJ #11 weathered
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2014, 07:07:47 PM »
I bid $1050


I will PM you for the details.

the auction for Jaina Saber #12 will go up in a new thread this evening.

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Re: AUCTION - GCS Jaina SOTJ #11 weathered
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2014, 07:17:51 PM »