Author Topic: Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Firmware Flaw  (Read 4795 times)

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Re: Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Firmware Flaw
« Reply #15 on: December 26, 2019, 10:54:09 AM »
yeah i saw that too. for the price of a few crystals you can do whatever color you want.
i guess that solves the point i had about coming from Germany and no crystals for sale.


i went back again (finally got to ride the falcon!) and they had crystals in stock! they are kept behind the counter now to keep people form shining cell phone flash behind packages to find the black crystals, but that doesnt bother me.
so i got a green and a yellow.
sorry no pics but the yellow has a TINY bit of green bleeding in... so its kinda of like neon yellow? not even close to amber. and the humm is way more of a buzz than a hum. kinda like it though. and the ignition is very unique, almost sounds like luke's ROTJ snap-hiss in reverse. so i guess its a hiss-snap lol clashes sound like prequel or clone wars. its my default crystal now, especially since yellow is *SPOILERS!!!*  :wink:

green blade is nice too its got the ROTJ snap-hiss, and the clashes sound like obi-wan vs. vader on the death star. VERY OT sounding font. i like it.

another thing: i actually keep the upper grip section sleeve removed while i handle the saber. for a couple reasons.
1. its slimmer and easier to hang on (i already got crazy doing spins in my backyard, the weight got away from me and actually flew past my 15 month old and stabbed 2 inches into my lawn!)
2. its neat because you can see the "crystal" flashing from the chassis after i power down the blade.

i do want to try some aftermarket sleeves i have found for sale on the interwebs. there are a few designs but im going to get the slim blank, maybe cut some windows so you can still see the blinkies.

so yeah 4 months later i am still enjoying my savi saber. only gripe is the sheer BULK of the thing. its HEAVY and large. very chunky in your hands but overall still fun. i hope disney someday revamps them to be less bulky. oh and battery life is pretty short. i've been popping out the (VERY MR reminiscant) battery pack when it goes back on the display stand.
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