Author Topic: My first FX saber, Yoda Lightsaber (With Pictures)  (Read 4547 times)

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My first FX saber, Yoda Lightsaber (With Pictures)
« on: September 21, 2008, 11:17:38 PM »
Allright! Finally my Yoda FX lightsaber now on my hand. So, this is my review, i know, many people already did this, but enjoy it anyway :)

   The package actually arrive in Indonesia at 12 September, but stuck in the custom for four days! I call the cargo area and whining for several minute about EMS that sould be fast and about wasting my money for delivery, etc. Then the next day, the package sent to main branch of post office in my region.
   I was expecting the post man to show up at the next day or the day after tomorrow (friday) but... no one come. So i wait until monday, and call the post office saying "I want my stuff sir", then they said "oh, sorry for the delayment because when it comes to Ramadhan month, it just like christmas month, load of package stacking up but few personel to manage it."
   I go to the main branch of post office (which is far from my home), gave the tracking ID, and surprised "What the...?!"
   The package is bashed out. I was expecting the worst, so I open in in front of the post officer, put on the batteries, and turn it on.... WHAT?! No sound?!
   Yes, no sound at all, great... what sould i do now? The post officer also worried seeing my ultra furious face, and saying "Sir, may be little bit tap and clash would do...?" (normal suggestion when it comes to electronic devices)
   So i do that, and a miracle happen, the sound it came out! YES! Both of us calmed down and laugh (while everyone in the post office staring at me and probably saying "wow, laser sword!")

Like someone playing baseball with my package :'(

   Now go to the package. Since this is my first saber so the only thing I can make a comparison is Anakin ROTS, owned by the leader of starwars fanclub in Indonesia.

   Yoda's saber is much more shorter, and lightweight. I love it, it easy for me to spin and swing, while Anakin ROTS is heavy and make me worry if sliped from my hand every time i swing and spin it.

Shorter blade, same old big long boxes :D

   The blade also smaller than Anakin ROTS. It does glow green bright light, and when i record it using my laptop web cam, i got the glow effect just like in the movie, cool.
This one taken inside my living room in a daylight, very amazing green light.

   While Anakin ROTS batteries cap/pommel could be annoying to be removed because of small area to grab it, Yoda's pommel is easy to open because it got a nice grip.

   I reliaze it if this saber saying 2007 with Made in China text on the pommel. It different from what i see in Yoda's review (2006 and no Made in China text). Also, in Yoda's review it got silver screw head while mine is black.

See the different ?

   Also i hear weird sound inside the hilt, look like there's a small screw fallen off... And dimmed led segment (one problem lead to another....T_T)

Enjoy my first "saber dance".

Thank you for reading.
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Re: My first FX saber, Yoda Lightsaber
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2008, 12:40:02 AM »
I've congratulate you in your "hello" thread, but.. what the heck, more congratulations don't hurt, right?  ;D
Congratulation for your first lightsaber.  8)

And as I've said in your other thread, don't worry about that sound. It's the motion detection mechanism. You should worry though if you hear a rattling sound or having a wobbling blade.

Now, as the tradition of any reviews... We want pictures!  ;D
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Re: My first FX saber, Yoda Lightsaber
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2008, 03:41:20 AM »
Pictures will coming tomorrow, since i must transfer and edit from my cellphone first. Meanwhile, please enjoy my first saber dance until pictures become available. ;D

The light path kinda cool isn't?  Remind me of Soul Calibur game (my eyes like want to popping out when I saw my own video record) ;D
"Even Vocaloid can do lightsaber duel"