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$500+ free US shipping.
PM me for international shipping.

Up for sale is a custom installed korbanth FX Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber featuring light and sound with an illuminated crystal chamber.  The hilt has been distressed and painted to more closely match the prop. No blade. Charger available upon request for $10.

Nano Biscotte v4
Side button activation
In-hilt recharge
3.7v 18500 battery
Blue-blue-white LED (white flash on clash)
Copper, brass, and acrylic crsytal chamber

I have received a beautiful, fully assembled RGB FX lightsaber I purchased from a saber fabricator/online store. It has an RGB LED with one red, one blue and one green and a Pico Crumble Light v2.5 (I believe) sound board.

The problem I have is that the saber's red LED is always on, even if the saber is set to pure green or pure blue (which I understand should only have the respective single LED lit), and the Red LED is also on when the saber is turned off and even when it's in deep sleep mode. The only way I can get it to turn off is when I plug the charger into the recharge port or remove the battery from the Delrin chassis.
The blue and green LEDs seem to work properly.

I've already contacted the seller about it and they didn't know what could be the problem.

Now, I ordered the lightsaber from another country and since Customs/Import tax here in the EU and shipping is very pricey and would cost more than half the new saber (I'd have to pay it again if I send it back for warranty repairs/replacement), I was wondering what the problem could be and if I could somehow easily fix this thing myself to have the red LED only turn on when it is supposed to and stay off otherwise.

I'm currently re-charging the 18650 battery with the charge port to see if it might be a low power issue or something, but I thought I'd inquire about options just in case.
Is there a way to easily perform a factory reset on these sound boards to default settings that I could try?

I have no experience with things like soldering or electrical assembly (except for building PCs) whatsoever (which is why I bought a fully assembled saber to begin with so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassles of wiring, soldering, having to use my large hands to cram tiny things into a small hilt without breaking them etc.). I don't suppose this sound board has coax connectors or similar for the wires, does it?

So I was wondering what my options were and if there are some detailed instructions to potentially execute such, perhaps some of the kind and knowledgeable saber gurus around here may have some ideas that could help.

Thanks in advance,

Build spot open for May.

Installs given priority  :azn:
Questions/Comments / Re: Pico Crumble v2 NeoPixel
« Last post by Aphex on Today at 02:09:30 AM »
With current version V2 I don't think so.

You can use NBv4 for that, so PC in my opinion doesn't need that feature.

NB all the The price difference is only a few dollars...

That's great thank you.

Now all I have to do it try and get my hands on a NB. Had a good look at all the stores I can for the UK, US, ect but I couldn't any with them on stock. Any suggestions?
Lightsabers / FS: My spot in the Force Relics Wampa Saber Run.
« Last post by Bender1987 on Today at 01:56:32 AM »
I really hate to do this....... But it seems i am moving out of country so.

Up for grabs is my spot on the Force Relics Wampa Saber Run.
Pictures and specs in link to the run below.
 Force Relics presents: the WAMPA run - closed

There is no definitive timeline yet, but should be in the next few months i am the 3rd spot on the run.
The install's are being done with CF9 boards as well.
I have paid the full the cost of the saber, MINUS SHIPPING/IMPORT that is something you will have to work out once
your hilt in finished.
So i am asking for what i paid at the time of payment in August 2015 1677.00$ USD
I have spoken to Force Relics and once an agreement has been reached, myself and the buying party can contact them
and make sure all the information is correct for time of shipping.

I really hate to sell this spot so i hope it can go to a good home.
Like I have long seen this issue. This is a good example. With this interesting debate again.
Like I have long seen this issue. This is a good example. With this interesting debate again.
Forum Gallery / Re: Ganomatis - a reveal build
« Last post by Morannon on April 25, 2018, 09:17:12 PM »
The thought you put into this is unreal, right down the the extra tools to go with the story. Very unique control box to top it off.
Open Source Sound Cards / Re: FX-SaberOS updates: A New Pixel Accent and more!
« Last post by JakeSoft on April 25, 2018, 05:38:58 PM »
Now that's punny, right there.