Author Topic: Lord of the Rings Master Replicas FX Sting dismantle  (Read 7751 times)

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Lord of the Rings Master Replicas FX Sting dismantle
« on: December 08, 2016, 11:51:17 AM »
Dear FX-Forum,

I recently got very happy when I found and bought the Master Replicas FX Sting Sword from a pleasent ebay seller. So one week later the parcel arrived at my place in Vienna. I can only say that I am very pleased how the sword turns out because the look and feel comes very near to a real Sting sword we know form United Cutlery & co.
So after that day it arrived i went to the battery store to grab two duracell 3 volt CR 123 batteries and after work i was able to see the beauty, shining blue and sounding like a sting.

The reason I came here to write you experienced saber enthusiats is, because yesterday I turned it up again an after it turned it off, something seemed quite strang because the light needed longer to turn off and the sound seemed a liitle frenzy. I dind´t thought anything bad..

After 1 hour I came back to Bilbos and Frodos pride and wasn´t quite happy to realize that I wasn´t able to turn it up again.

So i decided to look for the error and to start this thread because there is still nothing about the soundboard repiar of this baby in the internet. I assume I am the first person on planet earth to destroy one of these beautys!

The aim with this topic is to learn of this build and to ask for help in wich direction I could find a way to repair the soundboard.

Enough talk - Here is the Master Replicas Sting dismantled:

General Parts:

The Soundboard:

The Soundboard from behind (you see the red line in the middle? Seems strange..)

I would be pleased to hear from you guys to ask if the backside of the soundboard looks bad or someone who could give me some cloue what could be the deal breaker at the moment.

Best wishes to you guys from saberland!


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Re: Lord of the Rings Master Replicas FX Sting dismantle
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2016, 07:19:58 AM »
If I wasn't on my phone I'd circle it in the pic but the last picture showing the board looks like at least one component is fried. It actually looks like 2 parts are fried but again, I'm on my phone so it's hard to tell.
Thank you Photobucket for the best Sig ever!

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Re: Lord of the Rings Master Replicas FX Sting dismantle
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2016, 10:30:02 AM »

Thanks for catching up on this one!

I did another photo of the backside to get it clearer:


I already bough another pair of batteries to look if the soundboard just drains the battieries to death without any proper kill key. But at the moment i dont have a solder iron becuase on of the connection to the speaker is disconnected.. but even with just on cable connected to the speaker it should make sound right?

Seems its no battier story and the good old 2004 Master Replica soundboard died in my hand =D

I should ask Erv Plecter to creat a petit cruton or Crystal Focus/Crystal Shard Lightfoil board for it xD.....


Well i assume there will be no hope?^^

Best wishes