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Anime North Duels =D
« on: April 23, 2010, 09:14:28 AM »
Anime North 2010 is coming up: May 28 - 30 at the Toronto Congress Center.

I'll be there with my Tools of Glowing Polycarbonate fun.

If anyone is interested in joining a bigger group or if you just prefer a 1 on 1 match excluded from your fellow saber duelists that is fine too.

Send me an E-mail at

I'd like to note for you people who are short on cash... that you don't actually need to buy tickets to get in, unless you intend on going into the shopping area and/or the panels, screenings, and discussions. If your like me and just wanna chill take photos and duel well "Mail me" ;p
(no ones going to get the mail me joke my friend sitting here with me convinced me to put it.)

Specific plans will be made closer to the date as of now I would like to see if anyone is interested.

Also yes I am aware of the "No Horse Play Rule" but that has never been a problem in the past, however I understand a lot more people are edgie these days but when there is a will there is a way =D
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Want  duel? Lets Roll some dice, anyone can win. ;p

Combat tips? See my Profile in the Website URL Area of my Profile. 
(or if you are lazy =D)

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