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Re: saber carrying case tutorial
« Reply #15 on: January 12, 2009, 05:31:23 PM »
Wow, that a cool approach to create item inserts, Darth Baleful. Is that a polyester fabric? I was just wondering because I had thought of creating a display case, but with crushed velour. But that satin looking polyester looks interesting also.


I sent it where my carrying cases were located.

thanks Han, its actually silk i believe.. crushed velour would look sweet too ;)

Nice work to both of you. Why isn't polyfill recommended for transport?

as for alternative bags and cases, I use my rifle case for my sabers. :D

Baleful, your tutorial was well written and very easy to understand. Good work. :)

Thanks for the response DCv1.0. i did a ittle research and found some stuff on it. ;) :)

thanks a lot man. i worked on for a while, just to make sure i didnt miss anything lol

that rifle case is a cool idea too! then you can keep the blades on your sabers

DB... That's a mighty cleaver creation you've come up with :) I may have to make something like that in the not too distant future ;D Then all I'd have to worry about is my blade(s)  :-\

thanks master Ti  ;D

ya thats the tricky part lol  :P actually i put in a carrier with a velcro strip on the inside of my cloak, for my sith "get-up" (a blade on each side)

OR!! Ooo... they should make a saber blade that could unscrew in the middle (without effecting the lighting of course)  8)
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