Author Topic: Luke Skywalker Lineage SaberKraft BigBoy Epic Reveal Lightsaber w/JediArmsDealer  (Read 408 times)

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Hey there saber friends,

This is an epic lightsaber reveal of the highest calibur. In collaboration with Jedi Arms Dealer, may I present the


Check out the amazing work by JEDI ARMS DEALER in his video about the making of this lightsaber for my friend Derya (onigiri34) on FX-Sabers)
Jedi Arms Dealer outdid himself with the entire saber from emitter to pommel and you won't believe your eyes when you see it. I'm going to make the Photonic blade for Derya next week and I'll post a video of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jedi Master JEDI ARMS DEALER for coming up with this epic SABER WIN for my friend Derya. I wanted him to have the absolute classiest saber anyone has ever seen and I think JAD accomplished that for us,... by no means an easy task (see the above video).

- Plecter Labs Crystal Focus X
- Saberkraft hilt
- Immense, stunning multipart metal chassis by Jedi Arms Dealer
- Two bass speakers
- Coated copper control box
- Custom LED accent setup
- Custom sounds, fonts, and created smooth swing fonts by Jedi Arms Dealer
- 24k gold plated grip
- Polished brass and aluminum body
- Multiple coated and protected metal interior parts (to resist tarnishing)
- Custom removable, magnetic chassis w/it's own battery power, charged by the lightsaber itself
- Custom acrylic cut and laser etched display case with power and R.I.C.E. connection
- Onboard charging
- Bluetooth connection for wireless saber command
- Custom blade plug with gold and brass accents
- Sequenced onboard 8 accent LEDs underneath threaded part, only visible in reveal mode
- Crystal chamber with spherical crystal, lit by more than 10 pixels
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  • Swoosh Swoosh that's the sound of the saber!
This is the best saber made yet! So many features that others don't have and that display case! Grandmaster work.

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  • Pew pew!!
That right there is The Golden Saber Challenge. The most amazing saber I could ever hope to see  :huh:

Thunderous applause JAD.

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All I can say is WOW! Just so nice...