Author Topic: FX-SABERS 2020 TRADE FEDERATION RULES and REGULATIONS (Read/Sign BEFORE POSTING)  (Read 30097 times)

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SELLING AND BUYING in the Trade Federation.

In an effort to make it easier to search for items being sold/bought on the site we are going to set a few RULES to better assist the site, and to protect buyers and sellers.  This is not an all inclusive list and will change from time to time as new policies are added.

Please read and acknowledge, before posting any threads in the Trade Federation.

1. For directly selling, trading or advertising your items or eBay auctions on the boards,
You will have to be here with a good reputation and No problems for at least 30 Days AND a minimum of 15 posts.

If you attempt to go "around" this rule by contacting people by eMail and you have not met the requirements you may be subject to suspension from the forum.

If Listing an Ebay auction in the Trade Federation Please add the appropriate link to your auction  and tend to your post accordingly.  I.E.  Bidding ended, item sold, etc.
We all love the eyes and ears of the group and want to see great finds that you all come up with, but please help us out here and modify the post when applicable.

IF YOU HAVE NOT MET THE 30/15, you may post other people's bargains and other items of interest on ebay in the "Look what I Found on Ebay!!".
located here Look what I FOUND on Ebay!! Post your wins and other bargains!

Posting your own auctions sales anywhere if you have not met the 30/15 will result in their removal, and possible disciplinary action.

2. This section is for buying and selling.  NOT for discussion, chat or debate.
Questions about the product are fine if they are targeted at the seller or the buyer.  Please keep discussions in their appropriate topics.
If you are listing an item in the TF and wish to have no posting by members accept for those that want to buy or sell the item then please make that notice in your first post of the thread.  A warning similar to this should suffice.  "Please don't post in this thread unless you are interested in the item."  "Any comments left will be deleted." "No CHATTER"
If you don't post a warning in your thread then that will be a sign that you desire to have members comment on your item regardless of whether they are interested in purchasing your product.
This will allow the mods to know your desire and will be able to keep the threads clean that need to be kept clean.
Remember that our rules state that all off topic posting in a TF thread MAY be removed.

Open questioning of a sellers price is prohibited.
If a seller prices their item too high, it won't sell.  If they do sell it for that much then good for them.
Undermining another person's sale topic in any way will subject you to disciplinary action.

3.Selling formats
General Membership may post their FOR SALE and Links to Ebay auctions only, here in the Trade Federation.
Do not post sales or related threads outside of the Trade Federation.

Your Item for sale must include an initial selling price. (no open to offers posting)
however, Like ebay you can post buy it now at your stated price or best offer.
(if best offer is made/accepted please post it in the thread/topic in order to protect/validate your sale)

Raffles and  Auctions are not allowed (unless approved by Admin), and will be removed immediately.
A price and Current Pictures of the Item MUST be posted for all items in a FOR SALE thread.
If you have Quantities the Quantity available must be listed.

Please Note: Only completed items in your possession that you own and or have rights to are allowed for sale, no taking orders or offering services. This includes advertising your own personal website, facebook page, etc. or other forums you may be a member of either by direct link, via PM, or just directing people to your website, facebook page, etc..

Only Members who are officially affiliated through the Saber Guild and Mining Colony are permitted
to take orders for commission work, and or offering services and may post in their pertaining sections of the forum.
For More information on this please see: FX-SABERS RULE UPDATES for Advertising and Business Association
FX-SABERS 2018 FORUM RULES and REGULATIONS (please post acknowledgement)

Auctions and Runs of Sabers where Deposits are required are Handled through Saber Guild Members Only (including Mods or Mining Colony members with Guild approval)
*Auction Listings form Saber Guild Members*
Winning Bidders of Auctions must Pay/make contact with the seller to make arrangement for payment with in the specified time allotted/specified in the auction.
Sellers must contact their winning bidders immediately after the auction ends.
If a Bidder does not respond to the seller with in 24-48 hours the winning Bid will be considered a Non paying Bidder and the Seller can then offer the item
being Auctioned to the Next High Bidder.

(for more information on applying for the Mining Colony and Saber Guild please see the following link
Mining Colony Welcome to The Mining Colony! **********Please READ BEFORE POSTING !!!!!******
Saber Guild The S.A.B.E.R. Guild

4. Group Buys will only be allowed by FX-sabers STAFF, Saber Guild and Mining Colony members. MUST BE CLEARED THROUGH YODA FIRST!
Payment terms and estimated delivery are required in the first post.
Frequent updates are expected by the seller.

5.  It is recommended that any dealings through Private Message be saved until all transactions are complete.  It is also a good practice to save a copy of the final agreement.  Since PMs are time and date stamped this will give proof to the transaction and the terms of the agreement.  If any issues arise after the fact the parties now have proof of the terms and liabilities of the arrangement.

6. Shipping Notification from Sellers
For completed items, and MISC parts a shipping notification must be sent within 7 days. Items must be noted as shipped in the thread.
DC/tracking numbers are not required to be posted, but it is strongly recommended the buyer acknowledge in the thread, receiving a tracking number or DC. Feedback should be left by both parties, once the transaction is concluded.
Delays in shipment longer than 7 must be posted in the thread publicly.

Commissioned builds/unbuilt items are the only exemptions. Payment terms and estimated delivery are required in the first post.

7.  As a courtesy to the forum when you have sold/bought an item please go back and edit your topic.  For example:  You are selling a Luke ESB, an Obi AOTC, and a Mace.  When you sell the Luke please delete it from the topic don't just make a comment in the thread.  This way members don't need to search through all of the posts and threads they can just see it in the topic.  If all the items have sold in the topic please add the word "SOLD" to the end of the topic header.  Again modify the title don't just post it in the thread.

8. All items that have been inactive for 30 days or more will be locked.  If you would like it reopened you will need to contact a moderator to get your item unlocked.  As a side note, some threads just die out so they will be locked.  It doesn't mean that the item sold necessarily but if the seller/buyer hasn't asked to have it unlocked we can assume that the offer is off the table.  If you want to keep your add from being locked simply bump the add every 30 days.

9. Possible Consequences for violation of TF Rules and Regulations. This applies to Every Member.
Thread or post removal
Temporary suspension from selling in the Trade Federation
Permanent loss of selling in the Trade Federation
Temporary or Permanent loss of ability to view the Trade Federation sections and lock of Feedback thread
Temporary suspension from the FX-Sabers website
Loss of GUILD, Mining Colony or STAFF status

10. Site donations for Selling in the Forum.

Although we do not charge a fee like eBay, it is requested that all members selling your items through the forum
please Donate 2% of your sale to the site in order to help with site and product lines continue to grow, do maintenance
and to keep the site free from non-related advertisements.

For more info/discussion on the Donations for selling here see the following thread FX-SABERS Selling Donations and You!

11. Bumping

Bumping, bringing up my post, ect. shall not be done for than once in a 24 hour period. This will keep it fair for everyone's sale/trade threads to be seen.
The only exception to this, would be a genuine update to a listing. Such as a Price drop, additional pictures or Video.

Selling non-Star Wars/Illuminated Saber merchandise is not allowed. StarWars Items only please.

- Items of particular note now highlighted in color -

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