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The FX-SABERS Crystal Core Saber Chassis Kit.
( Graflex 3 cell Edition )

Chassis Features:
- Dynamic, Shock Resiliant Aluminum and Metallic surfaced ABS construction -

- illuminated LED Crystal Chamber detailed with Acrylic parts and Swarovski Crystal units -

- Modular design allows for alternate user configurations-

Designed for use with:
- Soundboards and Led Drivers Measuring 30mm W x 58mm L x .15mm H (or less)
MicroSD card accessible - (or direct driven with resistors)

- Luxeon, Seoul, Ledengin and Cree type High Power LED with Optics -

Round Speakers Measuring 28mm Dia x 8mm H

- 7.2 volt Lithium Ion Rechargeable batteries -

The FX-SABERS Do it Yourself Crystal Core Chassis Kit for Graflex Flashguns.

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Kit comes unassembled.
Images Depict Completed Chassis built with The FX-SABERS Crystal Core Chassis Kit.
Other items including the Graflex Flash Gun ,Blade Adapter, Electronics and supporting components not included - required for completion.

The Chassis Kit contains over 150 Parts providing everything needed to assemble the detailed inner chassis including
Metalic Surfaced and ABS plastic parts, Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Hardware, Battery holder,Plastic sleeving,
Crystal Chamber LEDs w resistors, Synthetic Primary - Focusing Crystals and more...

The Assembly Manual is 30 pages and contains over 250 step by step instuctions on assembling your chassis kit
and sample installations of various soundboard types that will fit in to the saber chassis along with a tutorial
on the flash gun preparation and finally installing the completed chassis into the Graflex flash gun.

(Please note: a complete Graflex Flash is required to complete the chassis kit.
The kit does not include Graflex flash gun parts that are sourced from the Graflex
during the conversion, including small springs and brass pins used for detail)

This system is recommended for intermediate to advanced modelers/hobbyists who have some previous
electronic and assembly experience. Drilling and sanding of metal flash gun parts will be required.
We recommend wearing Safety Goggles, Rubber or Cotton Gloves and Dust Mask for protection.
Please remember to observe all proper safety precautions when working with hand or power tools,
hobby knives, electronics and soldering equipment.
It is Recommended for Users under the Age of 18 to have Adult Supervision and or Assistance.

The manual covers the physical installation of all parts needed to create a completed Graflex FX-SABER with
a DIY Crystal Core Chassis. It in no way technically supports or guides the user in the set-up and or electronic
configuration/usage of their selected electronic components.
It is the Modelers responsibility to know how to use the electronics they choose to install in the chassis
and follow their appropriate manufacturers wiring and connection set-up.

Parts and Electronics required to complete the Chassis Kit and Saber assembly.

Graflex Flash Gun (replica or vintage)
Single Hole 3/4 D-ring
8/32 or 10/32 button head hex screw.
Glass eye Thumbscrew.
Bubble strip (7 or 8 digit)
3.6 inch Rubber Grips (quantity 7)
Graflex LED adapter w/heatsink plate.
High Power LED and Lens
(10 deg Luxeon optic recommended)
Silicone Wire in 18-22 and 24-26 ga sizes
28mm speaker (1 watt 8ohm recommended)
LED driver/Sound Boards  are recommended (Users can also wire as direct drive stunt saber if desired)

Tools Required to Complete the Chassis kit.

Ruler with SAE and Metric Measurments.
Scissors. Hobby/X-acto Knife. Tweezers.
Flat Nose, Needle Nose & Cutting Pliers.
Cyanoacrylate Thin - Med Thin Glue
(odorless foam safe type recommended)
Graflex Pin Tool or 3mm socket.
Drill Bits and Thread Tapping Tools in
4/40, 6/32, 8/32 and 10/32 sizes.
Hex Drivers in 3/32, 1/16 and .05 sizes (Kit included Allen Wrenches)
Flat Head Screw Driver.
Shrink Tubing Clear, Black and Red
in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 inch diameter sizes
1/2 in. Vinyl or Electrical Tape.

A Hand held Dremel / Rotary Tool and a Small Metal file is also recommended for cutting and sanding of small parts.

The Graflex Crystal Core DIY Chassis Kit Price $325.95 with Adapter
(shipping not included - shipping in USA approx $15 - international approx $35 contact for shipping quote)

I again want to thank everyone for their continued interest in the saber products I make as well as for your patience.

May the Force be with You

Trademark 2007-2011 FX-SABERS™ /
Products, Logos and Images listed here are the design and or Copyrighted/Trademarked property of FX-SABERS /
Not associated with LUCASFILM LTD.™ or any LFL Ltd.™ Film or Franchise. All brands and trademarks listed are the exclusive property of their respective owners.
Products listed are intended for Entertainment. FX-SABERS / accepts no liability for the misuse or abuse of it’s products.

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Here are the Accessory Packages, Kit and Crystal Colors etc… that will be used to define the kit colors and or accessory packages ( if included with available kits )

Copper Kit

Nickel Kit

Silver Kit

Blue Crystal Graflex Chassis Kits
Includes Chassis Kit with Blue Synthetic Crystals, Blue Power-gates and Blue Chamber Leds.

Clear Crystal and powergates

Clear Crystal Graflex Chassis Kits
Includes Chassis Kit with Clear Synthetic Crystals, Clear Power-gates, Blue Power-gates and White Chamber Leds.

Adapter and Redbutton

Graflex LED Adapter kit with Heatsink, mounting hardware and Red Button Style Blade retention Thumbscrew.

Adapter and Glasseye

Graflex LED Adapter kit with Heatsink, mounting hardware and Glass Eye Style Blade retention Thumbscrew.

*Adapter kits that include the slide switch will be noted in sales threads*

New Adapter with Side switch and speaker extension rings.
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Update to Kit Specifications:

All kits now include the New Graflex adapter with the modified side/sloide switch channel and speaker ring extensions for 2w speakers  8)
(some kits will also include the side switch and are noted in the sales threads) ;)