Author Topic: What lightsaber form am i?/ what form should i use based on my personality?  (Read 2642 times)

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Hi everyone! ive been doing a lot of research lately on the seven forms of lightsaber combat which lead to me think what lightsaber form would i use if i were a jedi or sith?

i took this ultrasabers test three times the first time i got makashi, form 2, the contention form and then i retook it and changed a couple of my answers and when i did that i got the form 7 juyo, the ferocity form.  Then i did it once again changing one of my answers and got Soresu, the resiliance form.

im not sure which one would more suit me more. when it comes to form 2 im actually very clumsy and can be heavy handed so the elegance and finesse of this form may not suit me. On the other hand i do like the curved hilt lightsabers and i am really tall 6ft 4 to be exact and the reach of makashi could suit me very well. Its also not particually an aggresive form and i am very much not an aggresive person. I dont like upsetting people at all and am nice to everyone or at least try to be. on the downside i can get very anxious and have had confidence issues in the past so being calm isnt always me though i tend to look like i am at least. Plus i like to think my aim is pretty good so precision is on my side at least. I often have to tell myself to be calm to make sure i am and even then it doesnt always work haha. I really do like makashi though, dooku used it and his one handed blade fighting was awesome. After all my research I would definetely say form 2 is my personal favourite out of all the forms. I like its emphasis on saber to saver combat which if im honest is my favourite part of star wars.

When it comes to form 7 im not very physically strong. in fact id say im weaker than average physically though i think im the strongest ive ever been in my life, but that isnt saying very much. What i like about juyo is that it uses emotion as a source of power completely disregarding the "there is no emotion, there is peace." rule of the jedi. I am a very sensitive and emotional person.. So thats a plus. On the downside, i think as part of juyo you have to enjoy the fight and i absolutely hate fighting. I will purposely try to avoid having arguments with people if i can. Though i can be very competitive in friendly competitions such as playing games etc etc plus i am a very passionate person and get excited very easily when presented with something i am passionate about. im also creative ( i used to be an actor) so that could suit form 7 too. Plus i really like heavy metal which is a faced past chaotic style very much like Juyo and if someone hurt someone i cared about i would be on them faster than the tazmanian devil lol.

Form 3 is a bit of a strange one for me. Since yes im a very defensive person but obviously that calmness required with the form could be detrimental to me and i am prone to sudden bursts of energy which could harm rather than help Soresu. Saying that though i do like the defensive capabilities of the form. They say a true master becomes completely indestructible.

. Id use my height to my advantage since im 6ft4 and have stupidly long arms and legs so reach is always a plus.Thats what ive got so far im sure theres more i could say but ill keep it here before it gets too long if it isnt already lol.

So what do you all think? if this post isnt in the right place i apologize and i will move it.

Thanks again. Of course if you think a better form would be better for me let me know. Thanks.

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