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Kaizen Sabers Darksai V2
« on: September 07, 2023, 02:06:01 PM »
Here's a hilt that I was lucky enough to obtain last year -- A Kaizen Sabers Darksai v2 with Crystal Focus V10, 18650 Lithium Ion cell, a ccsabers illuminated short pin pixel connector, crystal chamber display slots, and hidden recharge port.  This Clone-Wars style darksaber uses a conventional 1" wide pixel blade.  I went with this set up to allow occasional light dueling since that is a big no-no for flat pixel blades.  The hilt also has a super-comfy oval shape, making it quite fun to use.  The matching Ripperblade took about 4 months to obtain.

These hilts are quite LOUD, and the original bass speaker from TCSS blew out twice.  I eventually replaced it with a lower output version from, and that one is a little more quiet but has not had any other issues.

Alas, these hilts are now fairly difficult to obtain since the hilt maker has gone silent with many customer orders unfulfilled.

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