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What's this above? A rare high-res image of a Darth Maul hero prop? No, it's the Saberz Project M, the definitive limited edition replica of the Maul saber. Absolutely every detail was meticulously studied and perfected, using an actual prop as on-hand reference, as shown in the comparison images below. That's right, it wasn't mere images we used, but an actual physical prop. Part of our studies resulted in identifying a previously unidentified part - the silver button which is now known to be an aircraft instrument panel lamp cover. This FX-capable prop is the first one to use actual fender washers, which we also custom cut to the appropriate dimensions. That's right, the emitter is stacked fender washers AND can still accept a blade. That has never been done before.

The red buttons are the first ever to have perfect accurate inverted diamond knurling faithful to the original aircraft blanking caps. Others have tried and gotten close, but never replicated the correct size of knurls, correct number of rows and columns, and correct alignment of those rows and columns. We had to create our own tooling, several times, before we finally nailed it.

We even replicated imperfections. For example, the red and silver buttons DO NOT ALIGN properly in a single plane. But rather, they are off-axis in a repeatable fashion across the saber. The red button is always a couple degrees one way, the silver button a couple degrees the other way. Have a look, we replicated this imperfection perfectly compared to the original prop:


There are SO MANY DETAILS that have never been properly replicated before, Project M is the first. I'd direct you to the Saberz video explaining the merits of this saber, but I think it's against forum policy to do so, sadly.

I have lots of these in hand and ready to ship. Limited to 200 worldwide. Each hilt comes with a plaque and certificate of authenticity both with serial number. Available in unpainted form at $699, or with full prop-accurate paint for $949.

Mods - I haven't posted here in a while but I'm a long-time member. If there's anything off about this post, can you please message me and let me cure any defects? I'd appreciate it.


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