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I have a whole bunch of hilts and a ton of brand-new parts just sitting in boxes. I'm looking to get out of the hobby since I'm realizing I'll never have time to do anything with this stuff.

You'll find I'm thinking close to everything you need to build a few sabers out of all these parts. There are sound boards, leds, speakers, switches and more. Wire spools include brand new 30 gauge and mostly there 26 or 28 gauge (I can't remember, and I don't see a label anywhere).

It's been a couple years since I've purchased anything. The last purchase was the Solos Hold v2 hilt that I waited forever to get. All these parts are new, never used. One of the Luke ESB hilts had electronics for a bit, but it's empty now.

See pictures for details and feel free to ask questions. I'm happy to take more pics or video if you would like. I tried to take pictures of everything, but I rushed it in between work breaks.

I'm asking for $1100 for everything and I'm open to offers. Rough math in my head and all this adds up to way more, this is a great savings if you bought all this separately. I'd love to get rid of it all in one go and I'm not in a rush if the offer isn't right. I'm happy to include the Husky parts bin if you want it (it's kinda janky, but it works). Payment via Paypal is acceptable, FF or no FF + whatever their commission is these days.

<edit - added Korbanth Kylo hilt, it was missing from the first batch of pics>
<another edit - added more pictures of the parts>

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