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Commission request - custom lightsaber
« on: October 31, 2019, 11:43:45 AM »
Hello Guild Members,

I am moving forward with the purchase of a custom lightsaber as a bucket list event in my life.  Being new to this forum, please excuse any information missing in this request.  If there is someone here that is interested in providing their services for this build, please contact me.  For your reference, the following details are what I am looking for:

- A Lightsaber that is creatively inspired by Darth Vader’s suit
- The lightsaber is to be both a piece for display and completely duel capable.
- There should be minimal plastics/rubber used in the creation of the piece, as well as minimal 3D printing. Metal construction is of paramount importance.
- Interior crystal display with lighting and sound required.
- Any button and light on the lightsaber should be completely functional and serve a purpose.
- Preference is to not have any exterior surfaces painted, but quality powder coating/plating is acceptable.
- Lightsaber should have fully interactive lighting and sounds for duelling.

That’s the basics.  Thank you to anyone who reaches out to discuss this project.  I really appreciate your support and interest in this endeavour!