Author Topic: Feedback for Lusky --- "..I say patience"  (Read 938 times)

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Feedback for Lusky --- "..I say patience"
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:23:34 PM »
I hereby declare Lusky the "patient Jedi 2018" :wink:
Some time back he contacted me about the last Saber that I still had from the run of 4 that I made.
Communication was absolutely great throughout the whole transaction and when the deal was done, the
payment was on my account with lightspeed.
Unfortunately, I can not say the same for the shipment. It seemed that we almost lost the saber somewhere
in the galaxy between him and myself. During all of this trouble, Lusky worked the problem with me and he
very patiently waited ...and waited....and waited until against all expectations, the carrier did turn up the package after all, about one and half months later.
Lusky is great to deal with and a super pro customer.