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This area of the forum is waaaaay too quiet. The EU isn't dead guys!!

In all serious-ness what from the old EU have you guys read/played lately?

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I'm about to start book 3 of the Republic Commandos series,"True Colors" if I can find it :wink:

I'm not throwing away my books too many good stories to read. That mouse can "bleep,bleep." :laugh:

I just went to SuperCon and people seem to still into the EU, :afro:

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Still have over 30 EU books, i really liked the Star Wars EU( the good parts)

I have been meaning to finish the Legacy books but never got around to it.

I Did reread the Thrawn trilogy a few months back, still a great sequel to ROTJ.
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Heard! All the Starkillers, Katarns, TORites, and Thrawns need ta holla and geek out. The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight Saga featuring Kyle Katarn, THE Chuck Norris of Jedi, brought me into the EU. Didn't like all of it, but NJO and the Darth Caedus saga were also interesting in the risks the story group took with plot twists, betrayals, and an almost Game of Thrones disregard for loved iconic characters from Legends and canon alike who were killed off left and right... Darth Plagueis was a masterpiece IMO, and ties so well with existing canon, it might as well be canon. KoTOR, KoTOR II and TOR are great for obvious reasons, so go play 'em already, especially if you haven't yet. And please give us at the very least a Legends branded The Force Unleashed III, Disney/EA!

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I just finished the Legacy I Comic series. On to the Legacy II comic series! The artwork and story is not at the same level however I am grateful for the continuation into my favorite time period!

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I've started reading the New Jedi Order series again. Good stuff, except fora couple weak novels.


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I'm still a big EU fan. Despite it now being official canon I felt The Clone Wars did not fit into the Star Wars Universe as well as most of the EU novels. IMHO


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Still have love for the EU! It feels forgotten and empty since the change but thankfully still here.


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Reminds me of the Darth Bane series! Could give it a second read  :wink:
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Knights Of The Old Republic, Darth Bane, Outbound Flight, The Force Unleashed, Dark Forces/Jedi Knight, I Jedi...there was some really good stuff in the EU that is WAY better than some of the JUVENILE 'canon' stuff; some of that material was written by/for ADULTS rather than what George apparently wanted which was for everything SW to be 'dumbed down' for little kiddies and English-semi-literate foreign audiences which seems to be why he sold it to the Evil Mouse so we'll get juvenile dreck for simpletons rather than really smart SW... example is how the EU over the course of several novels and games subtly MORALLY INVERTED the entire politically naïve good vs evil 'morality play' of the movies by showing how it was really the Sith who were the pursuing the GREATER GOOD by orchestrating over the course of millennia the corruption of the Republic so as to give rise to Separatists who would start a pan-qalactic Star War that would militarize the entire galaxy setting the REALPOLITIK stage for a centralization of politico-military power in the 'evil' Empire that would destroy the Jedi 'Church' to seize its wealth for the State to be able to afford to build Superweapons [the Death Stars]...

...all in preparation to stop the extragalactic invader Yuuzhan Vong they knew would eventually attack the SW Galaxy [Mandalore Canderous Ordo who first encountered them -> Revan -> Revan's Holocron -> Darth Bane -> Rule Of Two -> Darth Plagueis -> Emperor Palpatine -> Lemelisk/Tarkin -> Death Star 1 & 2] with superweapons which the FOOLISH Rebels destroyed leaving the Galaxy defenceless against the inevitable Vong assault that KILLED TRILLIONS UNECESSARILY all because the 'good guys' stopped the NECESSARY EVIL of the Sith from SERVING THE GREATER GOOD.

Seen as a whole The EU is very Machiavellian, Neitzschean [imo Revan is the first fully realized Ubermensch in popular literature, oat least since Nemo and I don't mean the fish lol] and full of realpolitik for ADULTS and SOPHISTICATED minds; if looked at from the perspective of the overarching metastory of the EU then we find that the SW film Saga's great 'hero' Luke Skywalker has the death of trillions of innocents in the Vong War on his hands [even Han Solo wished for Death Stars during the Vong War] and is by the ULTIMATE RESULT of his actions the WORST BAD GUY in the entire history of the SW Galaxy!!!

Not much wonder Unca George HATES the EU so destroyed it's 'canon' status to make room for the Mouse to make endless KIDDY STORIES instead of ADULT MYTHOS.
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Re: This area of the forum is waaaaay too quiet. The EU isn't dead guys!!
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Wow. That's definitely a thread killer.