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you're very welcome and I'm happy it works. I got a few OLEDs that need more time to boot up before you can actually talk to them. Like those morning with late coffee cups
Slowboot=200 did the job. Now the OLED works on every boot...

Thx, really thats support on an other level, absolutely fantastic...

The in and out frequency was only for demonstration. It happens even if i wait around 5 sec between every "action". Sometimes it works every few times like in the video some times i need 20 or more bootcycles. I'll try the slowboot later today and report back.

EDIT: one correlation i watched is that the accent LED, wired as multicolor LED to Channel 6,7,8 to mirror bladecolor, switches slowly between what i would describe as default bootcolor to bladecolor when oled comes on, and more fast when oled doesn't.

your OLED might not have the time to reset properly based on how you put the kill key in and out. It can be also one of those slow oleds that need more time to wait until the power supply is stable, before you can try to detect it

you can use the serial command (only as a command from the serial terminal, not in the config) slowboot=200 to add 200ms of boot delay before trying to sense the OLED and to initialize it. This is a permanent settings that will remain afterwards (hence not in the config). You can revert at anytime to slowboot=10 (min value 10ms)
Good morning,

as mentioned in the title my oled display only works lets say at random. Solderjoints are checked good and if the display is up it works perfect, even while battle no faults what so ever.

A video showing the bootattempts can be found here:

Same behavior with default/shiped soundsfonts and with custom ones.

Any suggestions where to look at?

Best regards
I do have the latest firmware V10.0007f, poi=1, qon=300, qoff=0, twon=500,-90,90, twoff=-500,-90,90. I will have to check the switch voltage later. I do not have a multi meter  at this time.

I have a new Kill switch on order. Will see if my Kill switch is bad.
check if you have the newest twist on/off enabled in your profiles (latest fw)
check if quick ignite is on,
and finally, check your switch wiring and act and aux pads voltages which should be 3.3V when switch is released.

This does not happen every time. But it is happening about 50% of the time. With the Chassis out of the saber, no buttons being pressed, on flipping the kill switch to on, the saber will play the current sound font intro, After that completes the Ignite and Blade off sounds play back to back over and over. I cut all the cables off the Primary and aux switches and tested it, and it still does this. Any idea at all what could be causing this?

Everything works perfectly when the saber boots normally.

Thank you
Lightsabers / Empty TGS Flash Cell V1 - No Patent Version - FOR SALE
« Last post by Kreyhn on July 30, 2022, 08:09:22 AM »
TGS Replica Flash Cell V1 (first version produced by TGS) - No Patent Version

Condition is new from TGS but blemished; this includes some blemishes in the inner surface of the top part (partially covered by bunny ears) and slight blemishes on the clamp and as shown in pictures.

Complete Replica Flash Cell with all components, including top, bottom, clamp, and 'external' greeblies including bunny ears with screw, long pins, brass contacts, beer tab and screw, sliding tab

Paypal or Venmo

EDIT 8/12/22: Removed duplicate parts from listing.  Listing is now consistent with parts as advertised on TGS website ( with current iteration, "Hollow Version"
Plecter Labs / Random Saber Power on and Power off at saber Power Up
« Last post by Darth Terminus on July 29, 2022, 10:52:31 AM »
Hello, I installed my saber and everything is working correctly. However at random times when I turn on the saber via the kill switch. After hearing the font speech. The Power On and power Off sounds start going off and on in succession Looping over and over until I turn off the saber. Then I turn back on the saber and It starts up normally. Sometimes it happens and then boots normal,  then a few times it will in a row. Then it can not happen for 15 power ups. I have no idea what might be causing this.

If the saber boots normally it just functions as it should. At no time does the power on and off loop. It only happens randomly at 1st time of boot up.

Any thoughts?
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