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Noob wiring query
« on: November 09, 2021, 01:08:17 AM »
I have now opted to use the Shtok 12-pin pcb set available from KR Sabers to connect my Jedi Killer chassis,& I'm gonna be running the saber with a GHv3 board.My question is this:

The wiring diagrams for the connector supplied on the Saber Armory store are very clear as to what goes to what,at least for the Verso,CFX & Proffie,as shown:

Wiring from the GH won't be a problem as the manual is very clear to follow (thank you Frederic,I love this board!).

But- nowhere on the diagrams can I see how to wire for an accent LED.My power button is a blue illuminated one; so one of the 3.3v pads on the GH is where I start that off,with its associated GND pad also,but which pads on the connector would seem to be the right ones to use for these?Does it share common pads with anything else,or am I missing something obvious?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as always,folks.👍🏻

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Re: Noob wiring query
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2021, 12:36:38 PM »
Hey @Guylo Ren ! I'm not at all familiar with Golden Harvest boards, but...

on Page 6 in the manual... says...

"provides 9 LED channels that can be customized independently from each other:
o 4 LED channels can deliver up to 9 A each:
▪ can drive SingleCrees, DualCrees, TriCrees and QuadCrees
▪ can drive Neopixel
o 5 LED channels can deliver up to 20 mA each:
▪ can drive accent, crystal chamber or switch LEDs for example
o capable of delivering up to 36 A in sum (in practice, both battery and heat dissipation are the limiting factors here)
o full customizability even of accent LEDs such as switch LEDs or crystal chamber LEDs using the whole range of our effect engine

... so it looks like you should be able to use one of the LED Pads for your switch.

I hope this helps a little, even if it's just for moral support!  ;)