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Re: Plan B: The Gentleman
« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2018, 07:55:11 PM »
That is a masterpiece my friend!  With this tech we are that much closer to bringing Ezra's "staple gun" saber to life! ;)
Thank you! Actually it would pretty trivial to convert this code to work to make it power the all mighty stapler.

Oh man.
Ohhhhh man.
The Gentleman is glorious brother. I really love that Steampunk feel, always have. You have truly earned the right to be a mad scientist with this beautiful creation.
Thank you, good sir! I really never aim to make these things "Steampunk" but I think the methods and materials naturally lend themselves to naturally lean in that direction.  Perhaps in another time I might have been the local gear cutting, lens grinding, weirdo down the lane from whom the legends arise.