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Athena by HatchetHatter
« on: August 26, 2015, 07:50:42 AM »
So, this is my first build, and it was more of a learning experience. I'm working on my second now, and it will be much improved from Athena (not that she's a bad saber or anything). She's not complicated and an effective weapon.

Athena is more of a blade tailored to my style. I'm a tall, strong  guy, so I wanted a two-handed sword and a long blade (the TCSS battle blade being 38 inches). She has no internal chassis, but is sturdy enough to be dueled with. That's what I'd like to use her for, too. Anyway, I hope you like her.

Sorry I don't have any pics, but I do have a youtube video. I'll list the specs below.

TCSS Custom Saber: Athena - YouTube

Petite Crouton  v3.0
7.4v TCSS 18650 Li-Ion Battery
2.1mm Recharge Port
2w Bass Speaker
16mm Momentary AV Switch (Green Ring)
Standard Style Momentary Switch
GGW Tri-Rebel
MHS Blade Holder Style 10
MHS Choke Style 3
MHS Hilt Style 1
MHS Extension Blank Style 1
MPS Pommel Style 8
TCSS Style Battle Blade (38 Inches, Bullet Shaped Tip)

Total Length: 16.35 Inches

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