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Re: A Light Focusing Solution Thread
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I would try the 10mm square lens. Specifically the Carlco 17.7 degree (most narrow beam available). Part number 10417. It's also available at Digikey and Mouser. According to my contact, The lens will definitely fit the led, as to whether the legs will line up with the holes I cant say for sure, but looks promising. Please let us know how it turns out. Incidentally the 15 mm lens I found is a hex shape, though I don't think it would fit the 14mm MCPCB. Hope that helps, best of luck.

Here is the link to the 15mm hex. It would seem the holder is included in this lens solution. It may actually work better than I originally thought, sitting atop the 14mm board, but you would have to attach it somehow either sandwich or glue.
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