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Great news. Thanks for the update LDM

I have received the empty hilts and have already sent them to the installers (within 3 days).  MH has already begun his installs and I will begin mine this week.  The ones shipped to the other 2 (well known) installers should arrive this week and then those installs can begin as well.

For those who requested the pixel upgrade, I had to machine the emitters (internally) to accept the PCB holder since they were originally designed for a Tri-Cree.  I did this for everyone at no extra charge. 

The "wobbly" emitter issue that MH noticed has been resolved.  I have tested one with a 7/8" pixel blade in it and swung/smacked it and nothing appears amiss now.  Once again, the mod was done at no charge (on ALL hilts). 

The first phase of installs are for those who have been active in this thread since 2020.  The second phase will be for the rest.  Final payment (the final installment) will be due upon completion of your saber.  All will be paid to ME (as I have been the holder of the coin for this project) and I will pay the installers. 

First group is:

1. Manny (off site)
2. Aginor
3. Fonzie
4. Modern-Day Warrior
5. joker (was Darth Dimitri)

6. Mace Windu (Nightstorm)
7. coldvizjerei
8. Darth Imperium
9. GusManB

10. msasin
11. NinjaPirateAssassin
12. ctech88

13. ZeroSpeed
14. Dark Lord of Sushi (was Watto)
15. 2fishbones
16. Baum

The second group (those who have not been active and I have to track down):

17. Lazi-D
18. Anakin Skywalker
19. Prestonian7
20. cavjo...White FoC
21. Darth Maul...White FoC

Finally, for those who NEED a 7/8" Pixel blade (or regular 7/8" blade), it will be a separate transaction.  You can PM me if you want one.  They are $109 for pixel and $32 for Gelu with bullet tip + shipping.  You are NOT REQUIRED to purchase a blade.  I am making them available as a service for those who need them.

Previous Update below:

Huge update:

So these are back from the anodizer.  MH will be sending the hilts out to the installers next week.  All 4 installers are MC or Guild members here at Fx and are known commodities.  We will handle the installs as follows:

The people who have been active in this thread since the beginning of 2020 will be finished first.  That is 16 people.  4 installs per installer and the installers have been randomly assigned.  Timeframe?  We are shooting for 2 months from the time that the installers receive the hilts.  We are still waiting on a custom part for the pixel installs, so those could go a little longer, but with how long this has taken, we are definitely in the home stretch.  For those who are getting pixel installs, they do NOT include a 7/8" pizel blade.  I am willing to look into procuring them for those who need them, but they will cost extra.

Once this group is finished, MH and I will try to get ahold of the people who have not logged in here in a long time.


Most may not remember what the amount of the final payment for this run is.  It is $600.  In light of what has gone on, MH and I have crunched the numbers and are able to lower that to $400 and end up square.  In other words, all profit is now gone from the run.  We will call for the final deposits once the hilts have been finished by the installers.  I will collect the final deposits at the same payapl address that the other payments went to (I'll provide it at the time). 

Finally, for those who are getting non-pixel sabers, we are also automatically upgrading you to RGB Tri-cree instead of BBW (that is so 2016 after all)so that you can dial in the exact blue that you want and the FoC color that you want.

I think that covers it for now.   :angel:
Lightsabers / Vader's Vault Korbanth SF Saber Clearance
« Last post by Mewgen on Yesterday at 01:10:09 PM »
Large saber sale.

Charger & blade not included unless noted.
Buyer pays PP G&S 3.5% fee or F&F.

Korbanth AS empty

LDM Katarn empty

Force Relics Yun emtpy

Korbanth KRv2 empty

Korbanth SID empty

Korbanth KRv1 weathered empty

VV Hero:
- CSv4
- Tri-Cree RGB
- Blinking LED activation box
- Mirror Polished
- Dueling emitter
- Blade included

- CSv4
- Tri-Cree RRW
- ANH config
- Blade included

Dual SF Heretics (TFU II)
- NBv4
- Tri-Cree Blue w/ White FOC
- Silver click AV switch w/ Red LED
- Recharge port
- 2W Bass speaker
$700 for both

SF Chosen
- NBv3
- Tri-Cree Blue w/ White FOC
- Black AV w/ White LED
- Removable 18650 battery
- Photon blade highly recommended

MHS Custom "The Wife"
- NBv3
- Tri-Cree RGB (mixed for Purple w/ White FoC)
- Graflex clamp (activation on clamp)
- Removable 18650 battery
- 28mm speaker

SF Fallen
- NBv4
- Tri-Cree RGB (purple, Mantle of the Force, Heart of the Guardian)
- Silver tactical recessed switch
- Recharge port
- 2W Bass speaker

Hasbro Yoda 2007 FX Lightsaber
- TCSS blade holder
- Converted to purple per my daughter's request

Hasbro Yoda 2008 FX Lightsaber
- Brand new unopened package
- TCSS Blade holder conversion included
Lightsabers / Re: FS: (K3GR-1) & (Scrapflex)
« Last post by Darth Smorgis on November 28, 2021, 09:21:27 AM »
I would love to see this K3GR-1 saber upgraded to CFX and Pixel setup.  Keep in mind this is currently holding 2 X 18650’s in series at 7.4v.  That could very well be set up as 2 X 18650’s ran in parallel to maintain 3.7v but increase mAh to 6000.  Would make for a fantastic runtime.
Saber Modifications & Customs / hown to mod to stay on??
« Last post by jimmiehoffa on November 27, 2021, 08:23:36 PM »
i have the elite fx saber and am looking to have it stay turned on non stop.  it currently shuts off on its own after like 30 seconds.  it just hangs on my wall in my arcade.  is this something that can be done??
LED SABERS / Re: The Golden Saber Challenge!
« Last post by EXAR KUN on November 27, 2021, 08:54:00 AM »
As I said, I’m ok with pushing the date back. Maybe we’ll do it just before Christmas - say that Wednesday (December 22). I’ll have my new laptop up and running before then, it’s suppose to be delivered next week.

@iggy: Handling the videos is the only real thing I still have to work out. I have an idea of how I want to do it, but I haven’t been able to confirm that piece yet.

That timeframe is good for me to build another.

What about you others? Think you can join in the fun by then?

It would have to be later than that for me to be in on this one. December 22nd is basically 'tomorrow' when we are in this holiday time the time goes by instantly with family requests, day trips, work and so on. I'd love to see what everyone came up with! Unfortunately my entry isn't close enough to finish by the end of this year because I've got a few customer orders I"m working on that isn't leaving me the free time necessary to do the contest build right now. This year went by too fast!!
LED SABERS / Re: The Golden Saber Challenge!
« Last post by K-2SO on November 26, 2021, 08:54:15 PM »
I thought someone had mentioned moving into Q1 of next year….I have my idea but won’t be able to pull everything together over the next month.

Yeah, that would have been FJK.

And he got a fair amount of grief about it before the rest of you saw the now fairly obvious.  :undecided: :police:
SABER SOUND DISCUSSION / Re: The Force Unleashed: Trial of Spirit [FREE FONT]
« Last post by jbkuma on November 26, 2021, 07:13:19 PM »
The link isn't working, please post a new one

It's a 5 year old post and the OP hasn't been active in 2 years.
SABER SOUND DISCUSSION / Re: The Force Unleashed: Trial of Spirit [FREE FONT]
« Last post by Simple_Artisan on November 26, 2021, 02:51:21 PM »
The link isn't working, please post a new one
SABER SOUND DISCUSSION / Re: NEC Sound Font Compendium
« Last post by Simple_Artisan on November 26, 2021, 02:44:39 PM »
The Dropbox links aside from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces are not working.
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