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New Padewan on the block!
« on: October 15, 2023, 01:03:36 PM »
Hi all!

Darth Hideous a.k.a. Tom here!
This is my first post of (hopefully) many more to come!
I recently started a lightsaber project for my 7 year old son, who is under the impression he is sensitive to the force since he started watching
Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars on D+. (I sense much fear in him though...:-))
He asked me if I would build him a "real" lightsaber and if I would build him the Makashi cross guard LS Ezra found in Star Wars Rebels.
Hence my new "hobby" of building lightsaber's has risen and the weeklong journey soon brought me to the FX saber OS Github and FX-saber OS forums.
First a word of thanks for all the great tutorials and info that have been gathered in this great temple dedicated to Lightsabers! Very impressive and helpfull!
The GitHub and Forums have helped me greatly in getting this project of the ground! A big thanks and shout out to all contributors!

As for my skills: I'm very good at building and fabricating stuff, however my programming skills are non-existent. (I can copy and paste quite well :-).)
My first build will be a crossguard saber based out of PVC parts, Arduino NANO, MPU-6050, DFplayer mini, 18650 LIPO (+ killswitch) and NEO pixel LED strip.
Unfortunately I do not have the right to post photos, so I can't share the current state of the build.
Basically all the PVC parts are 95% complete. Currently testing the electronics and prepping them for integration into the hilt.

Despite the enormous learning curve the past week, I am running into some issue's now.
I am struggling with 2 specific issue's (Despite my deep dive into this forum and other opensource information out there.):

1) The MPU-6050 is not doing what it is supposed to do. I have calibrated the sensor with the calibration sketch. However when testing things on my breadboard, movement and impacts of the sensor did not result in the swing and clash sounds. I did notice a "discrepancy"; in the wiring diagram; only 4 wires are connected to the MPU, however I noticed in the Arduino pin diagram, pin D2 is assigned to  the INT pin on the MPU. After connecting these two pins, the impact function worked as advertised, however still no swing sounds. have tried multiple sensitivity settings in the config menu.

2) The blade is lighting up nicely, however the crossguard LED strips are not firing up. I have changed the blade type to "crossguardsaber" and entered the number of LED's in the blade and the crossguard in the crossguardsaber definitions. Since there is no reference anywhere that the crossguard has it's own datapin on the Arduino,  I have looked in the code if a pin was defined, but have not found one. So I assumed this would be the same as the pin for the blade (D13).
I have not changed or added any code to the lightsaber sketch, other than the aforementioned input.

My son asked me the other day if his lightsaber would be ready for the Halloween party in 2 weeks.
It is with this deadline in mind that I now turn to my fellow forum members for help!

Any help in solving these issue's is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Darth Hideous

Amendement: MPU no langer an issue.  Completely missed the section regarding  the two clash Methods.. Sorry for that!

However still looking for help regarding the crossguard wiring. Any help or direction to relevant info is highly appreciated!
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Re: New Padewan on the block!
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2023, 11:44:51 PM »
Another try to upload photo’s of the project