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New openboard
« on: June 15, 2020, 02:32:24 AM »

firstly, sorry for my english, it's not my birthlanguage.
And I hope I post on in the good forum section.

So all is in the title. I would like to creat a new openboard. What I have found for now don't please me.

Crytlafocus X is awesome, but propriatery and it miss some feature.
ProffieBoard is fine too but it miss some feature too and the MCU is not very powerfull and there is not possibility upgrade the board without the arduino IDE.

I'm a defector of mbed forks so I'm not a newbie. But arduino is new for me. For me the ideal board should have :
a powerfull MCU
possibility to upgrade without PC
flexibility (neopixel, dotstar, powerled, dual blade saber...)
true battery gauge
charge battery over USB port
USB C port
screen tft (very tiny : 0.96" or 1.14")
tactil zone
mp3 capability
bluetooth capability
presure gauge for auxiliary button

For this board, I have select some hardware :
samd51 (I work with feather M4 express, and if I'm not mistaken, this is the MCU of CFX)
mpu6050 (motion dection etc, maybe you want magnetometer so mpu9250?),
max170565 for fuel gauge
bq21040 to charge batt over usb
iqs572 for tactil zone (trackpad)

For me all is ready to pass on the drawing table exept one thing :
the choise of the audio ampli.
On my previous board, I used the internal DAC to generate audio output. But in CFX and ProffieBoard it's the max98357 that is use.

So since one month I try to code to get a sound with the feather M4 express and the max98357 but no wav file seems want to get out from this chip.

I can have somes note but not music. So two questions :
- did any one here can help me to make the max98357 work with the feather M4 express?
- In the case where the machine would win over the man, does it bother if the board don't use the max98357, but only an internal DAC?

Thank for your futur answer.
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