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Thought I'd check in on you and see how its going  :yoda:
Wanted / Re: LF LDM/MH/OM GK3 Obi Wan Episode 3
« Last post by Scorpion on June 07, 2024, 05:02:50 AM »
Pm,d you
Wanted / LF LDM/MH/OM GK3 Obi Wan Episode 3
« Last post by darth hondo on May 22, 2024, 02:56:12 PM »
Looking for an OWK3 saber from LDM/MH/OM run of GK3. Prefer an empty but willing to consider an installed hilt. LMK if you have one you are willing to sell. Thanks and MTFBWY
Wanted / saberforge archon eco elite
« Last post by hoot214 on May 16, 2024, 09:37:13 PM »
anyone have a saber forger archon eco elite empty hilt?
Ho man !
I started with the emitter and took ribbon cable from an old HP computer…
But, luckily, I checked the references on the cable and :

It’s a 28  :cheesy: :cheesy:
You are very welcome and FYI the gauge of wire for the ribbon cable is 28 gauge, thought you might want to know that
if you don't find ribbon cable and need to find it in a separate spool :wink:

Lightsabers / Re: WTS Orbital Machining/Acerocket Obi1 TPM brand new hilt
« Last post by Wolfgeorge on May 08, 2024, 10:50:09 PM »
Yes still available
 :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

You create the light in the shadow of my electronical darkness !

Thank you so much Yoda, you just cannot imagine what this build means to me in this period of my life and the help you provide is saving me.

Everything make sense in this diagram and now I understand parallel and series wiring with this connections.

Now, is the time to make links for all those cables specially for the TriCree, the accent led and the switch. Tricky part to do, but I will do it !
I will try to find some ribbon cable, the same you used in the chassis instructions manual. It seems really ergonomic.

Again, thank you !

 :kiss: :kiss:
Here You go, I couldn't find the older file so I made a new one with your CF board pic.
You'll see this shows where everything is supposed to be wired for this board.

I have shown the "bridging of the pads" for the accent LEDs and how they hook up to the board
(you can of course use which ever numbered pads you want I just used the ones on the end for
a clearer image for the schematic)
when it comes to soldering I recommend using which ever holes are easiest for you to solder to.

I've also shown using a traditional FOC Resistor if you can't get the small rectangle ones which
can be a challenge to find sometimes in the correct value.

This also includes the variation on the Main Blade LED for both Series or Parallel wiring
DO remember to adjust your power output for which ever you choose to use.

Again I'd recommend reviewing the CF6 manual to make sure you are familiar with everything  :wink:

I don't remember the values I used to use and I don't have the CF config values for those boards
easily accessible but if I find them I'll let you know.

DIAGRAM2" border="0

Again Use this a s areference for the mechanical wiring and if you have any specific CF questions you may
want to send Erv a message to verify any Configuration and power values you may have questions about as
He will know right off the top of his head what to do :cool:
Thanks for all those precisions !

Which one of the switch in the top shell would be the best for activation ? What do you think ?

For the main LED, if I understand properly, it’s better to run it in parallel for the blue ?
What is the difference with series config ?

If you find this wiring diagram, it would be very helpful for me ! I hope you find it !

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