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A long time ago, in a message board not so far away...
« on: February 03, 2009, 10:37:37 PM »
"The Patent Wars"

It is a time of great unrest in the galaxy.
Accusations of Patent infringement and Defense of non-infringement
plague the online communities and forums of many websites.
Heroes of technology and attorneys are on both sides...
the conflict of interest between these points of view is everywhere.

Ebay Auctions have suffered during this time with listing being removed under what is known
as their Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program.
Ebay’s use of the VeRo program employs a policy of liability avoidance for their own protection. 
They do not require proof beyond the initial word of a claimant. 
Further, they do not need to provide an explanation or proof to Seller’s that are affected by the VeRo program. 
They simply step aside and refuse to become involved in the situation.

This is NOT an actual reflection of the legality of the boards.
The parties involved with the development of the various sound boards have stated that extensive research
has been performed by designers and attorneys involved in the matter. 
According to said research performed, the boards technology is proprietary and does not violate the existing
patent rights of another manufacturer.

Unfortunately the situation has been mishandled since the beginning and has only been further confused
by personal and emotional points of view from both sides that should never have been brought into what
could simply be handled professionally by providing the needed due-diligence about the products to reach an
informed determination.

Because these are Legal matters more appropriately discussed in private...
From this day forth, this area is for information ONLY.
There will be no further discussions of the EBAY issues. PERIOD.
No taunts, no jabs, no flames, no curses, NOTHING.

We do not wish to have the community and prospective customers of "ALL" products to be subjected
to further speculation about something that is out of their control and only creates unrest.

At this time, we have advised the companies/parties involved that all various possibilities be explored in order
to reach an acceptable resolution to this matter that will be for the benefit of the hobby and in the best interest
of the Fans/Enthusiasts so they may continue to have a variety of saber types available to suit their collection
with the continued development of new and exciting products for...
the Star Wars Fans and World Wide Saber community as a whole.

May the Force be with You


Negotiator 007
More to follow.........