Author Topic: Need help with CC Neopixels  (Read 71 times)

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Need help with CC Neopixels
« on: September 13, 2021, 07:25:08 PM »
I want to preface this by saying I apologize if this is posted int he wrong thread

Need some help with my CC config
Need help with CC Neo pixels. Guys Im about ready to pull my hair out. Been staring at configs fior the past 3 hours, loading and reloading. In short, I have a Neo blade setup, 2 crystal chamber single neopixels (wired in line with each other) and 3 accent LEDs. Im not even worried about the accent LEDs just yet. I made a change to my config a few hours ago and now my CC neos wont light. I know they are working as they lit up upon first config (I didnt save l8ike a moron). My CC neos are wired to LED6 and data goes to Data4. This is the config I have in place. Everything is lighting up just fine except my CC now...
Preset presets[] = {
   { "ANH_Graflex", "tracks/venus.wav",
    StyleNormalPtr<CYAN, WHITE, 300, 800>(),
    StyleNormalPtr<WHITE, WHITE, 100, 200>() },
BladeConfig blades[] = {
 { 0, WS281XBladePtr<142, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(),
    WS281XBladePtr<2, blade4Pin, Color8::GRBw, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin6> >(),
   CONFIGARRAY(presets) },
define is 2 blades