Author Topic: Rogue One: have you seen? Did you like it? (No Spoilers please, only opinions)  (Read 7286 times)

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For me it filled  in the gap . It was something that told a story that had been miss from the EU and the movies.

I was more than happy with the way "it" was made . Glad they redid it and as was said before in ANH "a lot of people died to get this out" .

With recent events and our princess leaving it felt like a homecoming. I just saw this R1 on Friday Jan 6.

The attention to detail was interesting . l loved  director Krennic .

The scenes where great . I loved the different locations and planets we have not seen before.

I still  wonder how that thing (DS) moved through hyperspace. I guess  Starkiller base would do the same, opps different topic. :grin:

I LOVED IT. In whole the movie took me to a place in a galaxy far,far away again. That's what it was supposed to.
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The DS uses hyperspace in the same way any light speed capable ship would. SK base was on a planet, the weapon travelled through hyperspace not the base.
Would have been fun to see it jump in or out though.