Author Topic: MR luke ANH 2007 discussion, non-removable blade version  (Read 10791 times)

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MR luke ANH 2007 discussion, non-removable blade version
« on: November 10, 2015, 01:31:00 AM »
Ok, I have a Master Replicas Luke ANH 2007, and its been a prize for sure, even though I recieved it as a christmas gift by some divine intervention.
The battery pack has been shot, it actually started to get rusty and crackly, and I tried repairing it, which failed horribly.
After further disassembly of the saber, I found the electronics inside to be perfectly unaffected l.
So I have an issue,
A-I need a battery pack
B-I need to read about how I can mod it without messing it up, to run a new battery pack through it and assemble a new speaker into it.

Im super noob but I can translate the tech talk and I am at my wits end with what I know about it lol its my favorite hilt by far,
Is it possible to install an Ultrasabers 3AAA no sound setup single LED with Ultrasabers blade and retention screw in it?
Its a lot I know. Thanks in advance!

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