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Hi there.  I'm "Novastar", creator of some of the most popular and original "sound fonts" for custom saber driver boards.  My work dates back to 2006 and 2007, starting with Erv Plecter's v1 and v1.2 Crystal Focus boards.  :)  The rest... is... as they say--history!

At the present time, there are HUNDREDS of sound fonts to choose from--all with varying degrees of creativity for sword/weapon props of ALL kinds!  Some are "traditional" Star Wars style sound sets... while others are completely unique, ranging from inspiration from "flaming swords" and "elemental weapons"... to Steampunk style props, whips and medieval weapons... and even Ghostbusters style "proton packs"!!

SOUND FONT VIDEO LINKS (50+ sound fonts!!!):

SOUND FONTS (Facebook):




As of the time of this post, these fonts will ALL work with any version of any Plecter Labs sound & light driver boards, such as:

Crystal Focus
Petite Crouton
Crystal Shard
Nano Biscotte

Be sure to thank Shadeslinger for putting many of the original video examplers together... and comment on the Y-tube pages!!  Your support and input is much appreciated.

Finally... at this time, please contact me primarily via Youtube, Facebook, e-mail, and  Thank you!

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