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Luke ESB MR FX review
« on: June 08, 2011, 02:00:57 PM »
So, I received my Luke ESB the other day and I took it out of the box excited. My first thought was meh I like it as it's my fave hilt of all time but I have seen the Graflex model and I felt a little upset  :-\ I then got round to thinking that when I get a well paid job with my degree I can save for a Graflex then, but lets get round to the review. Coming out the box I can't help but notice the hilt is big but it still looks fantastic and I know that it needed to be big for the electronis at that time, then I looked at the detail on thee hilt red button check, bunny ears check, d-ring (mine is faulty) but check, it's a good looking hilt. I then insert the batteries and fire it up, Wow, I love this shade of blue (my fave) although there are a few dark spots (another problem I have heard of, so I start spinning it and doing some thourough testing, the sound is very muffled and not far off from the Ani AotC but hey it's not as bad. Anyway the Luke ESB has it's flaws but for all it's negatives this is the one, it's looks are full of heart and it's sound is full of soul in ways it is not my favourite MR Saber but then again it is. I love the underdog and if  you think about it Luke was the underdog at this stage of his training. If anyone is thinking of buying this Saber think long and hard about what you want because you might be dissapointed, but if you are like me and see something for what it is then the Luke ESB MR FX is now on par with my Ani RotS (Until I get the Graflex that is)  :)