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« on: January 31, 2011, 04:57:01 AM »
Hi everybody I am new to this site and Sabers and this is my first post in the review section, gonna give it a whirl so please be patient. I have 5 sabers all bought within a month so I am going to spend some time with them before I review any more in depth. First off though I want to do a brief review of how I feel about my AOTC Master Replica.

Upon recieving this saber I immeadiately opened it up and the first thing that struck me was WOW, I love this hilt, although I have read mixed reviews about this particular Saber (I won't go through the sound, brightness etc there are plenty of great reviews already on here) I fell in love with it straight away. Yes the battery compartment is awkward but from the looks point of view it is a thing of beauty, I love the way it is similar to Vaders and the weight of it is brilliant. Aside from this being an el as opposed to LED I think with it being my first Saber and knowing that it is the first Saber MR made I have quite a silly love for it and therefore will be biased by saying it is the best of my collection thus far although not my favourite to wield. Finelinewalker.

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Re: New
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 06:02:05 AM »
Welcome to the forum. 

That's cool you picked up an old EL saber.  Even though it is outdated and a bit inferior to the newer saber technology it's a cool saber to be proud of.  It's one of the first.  Kind of like owning a model T Ford.  Not anywhere near the cars of today but still fun to own for nostalgic reasons.

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Re: New
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2011, 09:55:42 AM »
I think that the EL Anakin AOTC was the first.
I got my Anakin AOTC off eBay...broken and without a blade. :'(
Nobody was doing conversions for that saber at the time, so I ended up parting it out. :-\

Thanks for sharing! Definitely spend time with your sabers. Enjoy them. That's what they're for. ;)
And if you break them, this is the place to learn how to fix them. :D