Author Topic: **Fixed** Need help with Proffie board V2  (Read 76 times)

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**Fixed** Need help with Proffie board V2
« on: June 22, 2021, 05:07:34 AM »
Edit: Found my issue, the main problem was that no configuration was actually uploading to the board. i ran zadig to change the board's driver then i manage to upload the config and everything's fine now.

Hello everyone,

so i just finished building my saber with the proffie v2.2, on ProffieOS 5.9, neopixel blade and 2 buttons. i'm currently having some issues with the blade itself and also with the way to use the saber.

first of all, it turns on/off correctly, play sounds and i can change fonts. my first problem with the blade is that the light dosen't extend all the way up to the tip. about 3/4 of the blade is lighted up and i can even see a line of the ground/melt effect when i use it. in my config file i left it to default 144 led on a 36 inches blade. my understanding of having too much led in the config is that the blade should be fully lit but with the tip effects "missing", but that's not what's happening.

my other issues is with the button configuration. i'm not sure why but my power button sometime works as the aux button. like while off, i push to light my blade but it changes the profile. i'm also unable to enter the color edit mode. whatever i do, i read about using several button combinason, and none of them works.

any help with that would be really appreciated!

edit:i'm on ProffieOS 5.9, not 4.8
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