Author Topic: "This one DOES know the power of the Dark Side!"  (Read 2825 times)

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"This one DOES know the power of the Dark Side!"
« on: November 25, 2009, 08:15:34 PM »
Next to the Anakin ROTS, my favorite.

The Hilt
              Superbly detailed!  All sorts of lettering lines the front body of the hilt, along with some "recharge ports."  the grips feel good, and the power section has a static Aux switch.  The emitter is a matted plastic, very solid.

The blade
              When this one has fresh batteries in it, it is one of the brightest sabers out there.  Not much else to say.

              3AA (Duracell recommended)

              A great saber.  Happy to have it.  10/10.

  A very nice, detailed hilt

  The auxilary switch

  That's the power switch

  That's the emitter

  Pretty bright with fresh batteries

  Unleashing my inner Sith. lol